Chrysler Worker Shuts Up Michael Moore on Trump (video)

I speak often of race pimps and they come in all colors.

Michael Moore race pimps with the best of them. This man has earned a lot of money on the misery of others. His fake narratives have made him an icon of the Left.

In the clip below, Moore gets it so wrong. He’s practically speechless, when a person suffering from Liberal policies speaks from reality, and not from a fake Hollywood narrative.

The exchange between this man and Moore interests me on so many levels. Mostly what intrigues me is how smug Michael Moore appears as he faces a man with real-life issues.

Moore: I don’t think he’s going to take care of you…the working person.

Man: I think he’s done more for me than any Democrat has in my lifetime.

Moore (interrupting): He hasn’t done anything for you yet.

Chrysler worker shuts up Michael MooreHow can Moore say that? We were told that the election of Obama was trans-formative. However, the election of Trump did nothing for anybody. Is this man not entitled to feel “hope and change?”

The conversation continues:

Man: He raised the issue.

Moore: He raise…(interrupting) He raised

Man: He raised the issue, and that’s more than any of them have ever done.

At this point, Van Jones asks Moore to “Hold on, hold on…let him talk.”

Again Moore interrupts, this time saying, “He raised the issue,” a poor attempt where Moore attempts to mock the man.

Jones explains that this man is from Michigan and works at Chrysler. In other words, this man represents the disgruntled Democrat who has been promised much and given little.

Man: I can tell you this, no other politician in my lifetime has ever brought this issue to the forefront. The fact of the matter is we do get screwed on trade. They tell these companies to be more global

The issue surrounds tariffs and trade, and the man is right. No politician has attempted to negotiate trade where America wins.

I recall when Trump first mentioned trade, I didn’t think much of it. But I see the major implications when we use trade to our advantage.

Americans buy more than 24.5 percent of the world’s products, and that’s less than in year’s past. Nevertheless, that’s still a tremendous number given our population.

330 million people account for almost one-quarter of the world’s economy. To put that in perspective, look at China,

China is the next largest economy in size. 1.357 billion people account for 15 percent of the world’s economy, yet the economy of America is 1.6 times more productive.

Chrysler worker shuts up Michael MooreMany implications are implied in these numbers.

On the surface, China represents a huge potential market for all countries, given their population. However, China’s concentration of wealth in the hands of very few limit its ability to grow its GDP.

As for now, the numbers showcase that China needs America more than America needs China. Trump knows this, and will negotiate better deals for America.

In fact, he already has.

Trump met recently with the Chinese Prime Minister, and address the trade deficit.

After dinner, the Chinese decided to address the trade imbalance, and promptly canceled a coal order with North Korea, placing the order instead with the United States.

Not a single nation taking advantage of the U.S. is off limits. And you can bet the farm that our trade deficit will decrease substantially.

And as Trump did in getting China to handle North Korea, he will use our economy like no other president in history.

Michael Moore and Leftists like him don’t want to believe the truth. They live in the delusion that Obama was an amazing president, as the wall crumbles around them.

People want real jobs. They don’t want the hype of “hope and change.”



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