College Held Fighting Anti-Blackness Event

Little white college snowflakes will one day learn that there are no safe spaces when it comes to black Liberals. Truthfully, safe spaces are kill zones of “whitey.”

No matter how much white people roll over to appease black Liberals, the latter will constantly feel obligated to cash in on race-pimping.

As The College Fix reported:

UCLA student Jacqueline Alvarez told The College Fix as much in a recent telephone interview, standing behind an op-ed she wrote in the Daily Bruin campus newspaper detailing the same.

She described the conference not only as an “oppression Olympics” but also “a safe space gone wrong” in her opinion article.

Ralph Washington, president of UC Student Association, which organized and hosted the conference, confirmed there were “tensions” at the mid-November gathering, and that its schedule was altered.

That’s a euphemistic way of saying black students got “ignant,” as my grandmother would quip.

The article continues,

“The Students of Color Conference is always a space when tensions get a little high,” he said in a phone interview with The College Fix. “This mirrors that nature of our lived experiences. But this year there was a lot of harm thrown around to the various organizers, and some people came into the conference without understanding what the theme of the conference was. There are constructive things that we can do to prevent this happening in the future.”

“I think that sometimes in conferences schedules are changed to meet a more pressing need. It isn’t a problem when those who are organizing the conference change things around to meet the needs of participants,” Washington said.

For these racist ethno-centric black nationalists, all subjects lead back to blackness.

anti-blackness-professorThe event was themed “Fighting Anti-Blackness.”

First, America is not anti-black; which brings me to the next point: Black Liberals are doing their damndest to make America anti-black.

I know I don’t like anti-American, non-black-hating, ethno-centric Leftist blacks all that much myself. All they do is complain. Moreover, these fools are caught up in blackness, actually looking for racism where none exists. Ironically, if they spent a fraction of this energy in pursuit of something tangible, blacks would own the country. Yet, as The College Fix reported, black Leftist were upset when the theme of the event was questioned:

In one of the larger workshops, one of the students raised a question about why the only issues being discussed were those involving anti-blackness, prompting an African-American student to respond that black students are the most oppressed, to which a Muslim student made a comment about her people being bombed in the Middle East, according to Alvarez.

I’m not sure who wins in this exchange. The South Side of Chicago gives meaning to the “mean streets,” and nobody will argue that the Middle East is dangerous.

You be the judge. Does Muslim on Muslim crime trump Black on Black crime?


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