Democrats: Party of Misfits and Black Radicals

The donkey in the room is the Democrats now operate as a fringe group. The modern-day Democratic Party represents an amalgamation of misfits and malcontents.

At one point Democrats may have cared about the things they claim to fight for. I doubt it. But whether you were a believer of Democrat altruism in the past, you can bet Democrats don’t give a crap anymore. Ultimately, the Democrats have devolved into anarchy; Democrat radicals.

Not long ago I declared the beginning of the “new” Democratic Party happened in 2004, when the Democrats saw their shiny Negro, Barack Obama. His partial ethnicity would allow Democrats to shore up their “attack dog” base of the silly Negroes willing to follow the new messiah. Little did the Democrats know they would have to sell their soul to an ethno-centric black racist Left.

Democrats claim to recognize racism, yet they conveniently overlooked all of Obama’s racist overtures. He ran his campaigns on racism, and indulged racism at every turn. Obama backhandedly “rejected” racism, while shoving race in the face of Americans with expert passive-aggressive subtlety.

Once elected, Obama handled racism with the subtlety of an avalanche.

As Oliver Cromwell wrote, “Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.”

Obama lacks integrity. His election empowered idiot black people to somehow believe that they had been oppressed. Moreover many believe they continue to be oppressed. Thus, these black people are owed something. Obama catered to the ignorance of a people who thrive by any standards, even in so-called poverty.

Black complainers have homes, cars, food to eat, video games and other bling, as many sit around doing nothing. They live comfortably on the efforts of others. Meanwhile half of the world lives on less than $3.50 a day.

Anybody think these far too many freeloaders are thankful for the blessings provided by taxpayers?

Obama has introduced other racist subtleties to America.

He fathered the knockout game, Muslim and BLM terror groups, and ambush cop killings. At the very least he is the uncle of mass shootings.

And after each such atrocity, Obama quickly blamed Americans for being insensitive to either Muslims or the plight of disgruntled blacks. Then of course there was his catch-all problem: guns.

If Obama ever blamed the source, it was fleeting at best. He instantly returned to blaming the very people who built a country that would elect him.

Obama’s racism against whites was so blatant, whites finally held a revolution of their own. Whites rebelled.

Whites sickened of Obama’s disdain for them, as he spoke (often) of “white privilege” and “institutional racism.” Both these constructs were engendered by Democrats.

Ask the average politically savvy American who the elite are, and they will tell you Liberal politicians and their supporters. As for institutional racism, where does that exist?

Look at one example where we know the problem of institutional racism exist. Academia, who blatantly tout their educational caste system.

Which is better, state school or Ivy League? Why does the Left offer free community college, but not free Harvard educations. Further, where are the worst schools?

And what of institutional racism in cities? Run by Democrats and in many cases black Democrats. Where are blacks supposedly mistreated? By police? By the “system”? Hint: not in Small Town, America.

Show me your “institutional racism” and I will show you Liberalism in full-frontal nudity.

Thus, on multiple occasions white people struck back against Obama. First in 2010, then again in 2014. White people made their final point in no uncertain terms on November 8, 2016.

Obama remains in denial, blaming FOX News for the woes of the Democrats, then citing false polls about his own value to the Democrats.

With Friends Like Obama

I wrote recently about how bad things are for the Democrat radicals, and I assure you this road kill didn’t happen because of FOX News. Obama drove the truck out of the ditch–to use his metaphor–then he ran over every Democrat in site.

The joke among Republicans is Obama has single-handedly made the Republican strong again. Obama has done to the Democrats what Democrats did to cities, as he has created “white flight” from the Democrats to the Republicans.

The Democrats has become the party of silly Negroes, and those who support them. Democrats are now run by the Congressional Black Circus.

Ironically, white Democrats now realize that abandoning whites (at least for now) is not a good strategy, and that they party must at least recognize that white people have rights. Yet, the person they tout to run the party (1) hates white people, and (2) loves only black people.

This openly racist trend with a party who claims to be tolerant has not gone unnoticed on some blacks, Millennials, some women, and other ethnic minorities. Yet the Democrats won’t right the ship, pun intended.

The re-election of Pelosi only reinforces that the Democrats are content with more of the same. Moreover, even the consideration of racist Congressman Keith Ellison for Chair of the DNC showcases more abject lunacy.

Democrats: the party of misfits and radicals.

Join me at Tea Party Community to insure that we stop these morons from ever gaining power again.

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