Fake News Media Promotes Lying Muslim Woman

The lamestream media and other Leftists complain of fake news, knowing they invented fake news. We have another one involving Muslims.

The truth is, most of the so-called news reported by the Left is fake. We’ve gotten better at knowing what’s fake and what’s real.

Take for example all the “hate crimes” we’ve heard about. To believe the media, you would think that cops hunt young black men. Worse yet, the police do this for no reason.

Moreover, the media will try to convince you that Muslims are being attacked by Christians in a modern-day Crusades.

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Fake news reporting fake crimes, and have we seen the fake crimes.

Liberals set the narrative during the campaign that Donald Trump hates minorities, specifically blacks and Latinos. But there is a group he hates more, and it’s not women.

According to the Leftists, Trump hates Muslims.

Trump dared to question the notion of allowing Syrian refugees without proper vetting, thus he must be Islamophobic. So what most of America (and now the world) is concerned with Muslim terrorists. The Left needed a scapegoat, and Trump was it. Unfortunately for the Left, the ruse didn’t work.

That doesn’t stop people from trying to promote the lies. And that’s what happened in this story where a young Muslim girl believed she could piggy-back on the fake narratives.

The Muslim girl claimed that she was harassed by three men for displaying her faith and wearing a hijab.

She said the three men shouted Trump, then attempted tried to take off her hijab.

Now this narrative reeks of “fake.” The biggest clue is that she claimed somebody from the right harassed her. That’s what Leftists do. Conservatives are too busy to concern ourselves with harassing idiot Leftists.

The next biggest clue was the claim that the men shouted “Trump.”

That didn’t happen; and again, only Leftists do stupid things like this. For example the many blacks who victimized whites, and said things like, “this is for Michael Brown.” The various mainstream media sources talked it up, but eventually the truth came out.

Despite all the common sense evidence that would lead the media to check more into this story before running with it, they didn’t.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has counted 201 hate crime incidents across the United States between election day and November 11. You can bet that most of them are not real.

Here are a few that were reported by Heavy.com,

A Muslim student wearing a hijab was targeted in a parking lot at San Diego State University, and her car keys were stolen.

A San Jose student said a man pulled her hijab. Also in San Jose, a student at Woodside High School campus was attacked on video for expressing support for Trump and after being accused of commenting on a thread criticizing Mexicans (see above).

A student at Shasta High School in Redding, California passed out “deportation letters” to other students and put a video of it on Twitter.

A gay film director claimed he was attacked on election night by a group of Trump supporters, but police say they have not received a report. Snopes says it could have been a bar fight but there were photos of the injuries posted online, labeling it unproven.

An Assyrian-American woman “was called a terrorist by another passenger on the train,” in the Bay Area, according to NBC Bay Area. The woman who was targeted posted a cell phone video of the encounter on Facebook.

Two students at the University of California, Berkeley “reported being called racial and homophobic slurs before being spat on by a suspect Tuesday evening,” the television station said.

Don’t wait on the media to tell you which of these were fake and which were real.

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