Fake News of the Russian Cyber Attack

The CIA issued its report on the Russians hacking the Democrats, and the media went wild.

The media were particularly miffed that many Americans didn’t buy the narrative. After all, we are talking about the CIA. But  what really sent the media off the deep end was Trump calling BS on the report.

As we’ve learned by now, the media has it in for the President-elect. He’s being targeted by the media, and he knows it.

Did Trump bait the media when he said of the reports,

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”?

I actually believe Trump said what he really felt. Why should he believe anything that comes from Obama’s administration operatives, including Obama’s clandestine operatives? These people have no affinity to Trump, and should be drained with the rest of the swamp.

Then we learn that the report wasn’t quite as damning against the Russians, as reported.

The CIA assessment that Russia waged a cyber-campaign to help elect Donald Trump is based in part on intelligence suggesting that Moscow’s hacking efforts were disproportionately aimed at targets tied to the Democratic Party and its nominee Hillary Clinton, U.S. officials said.

Hmm. Disproportionately, as in both Democrats AND Republicans were targeted. As in the IRS’s disproportionate targeting of Conservatives with the token targeting of Liberals?

The article validates that indeed both parties were targeted.

U.S. officials said that both parties were repeatedly targeted as part of a months-long cyber-operation linked to Moscow, but that Democratic institutions and operatives came under a more sustained and determined online assault.

Then we get the next bit of spin, and that is the Democrats’ attack was more sustained and determined. How’s that for trying to cover your ass.

“Ok we can now admit that Republicans were attacked too, but the Democrats took more damage!”

Nice try!

Then the interesting piece of journalistic “fake news” comes as the media provides an excuse as to why the Republicans didn’t take as much Shrapnel:

U.S. officials said the Republican National Committee’s computer systems were also probed and possibly penetrated by hackers tied to Russian intelligence services, but that it remains unclear how much material — if any — was taken from the RNC.

The lack of a corresponding Republican trove has contributed to the CIA assessment, reported by The Washington Post, that Russia was seeking to elect Trump and not merely to disrupt last month’s presidential election.

I suggest there is another possibility. The reasons the hack of the Republicans by the Russians was less successful is because there was nothing to report?

Funny the Left doesn’t raise that as a possibility, choosing the fake news that the Russians chose not to report anything bad about Trump.

What, no “p*ssy-grabbing” at the Kremlin when Trump and Putin flew from Orgy Island back to Moscow. Or was that Bill Clinton?


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