Germany Must Have Missed Muslim Terrorist Anis Amri ISIS Tribute

Why worry about a Muslim database, when all these Allah-worshipping killers put their information on social media?

In this Twitter post, Muslim terrorist Anis Amri declares his allegiance to ISIS.

At this point, you scoop his sorry ass up, and send him to the foothills of Afghanistan. Unless you are radical Muslim-sympathizing German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

If you are Merkel, then you believe Germans need to be more sensitive to the plight of Muslims. You offer German women to Muslim men as whores. These men can get their dhimmitude by publicly raping German women at will.’

Jockey, you can cancel the jock strap shipment to Germany, because they only have eunuchs there now.

Not only does Germany have a woman leader, she has removed the testicles from the country.

It’s funny how afterwards we do these “deep dives” into the psyche of each Muslim killer. The Anis Amri ISIS tribute was overlooked. However, the next steps are predictable.

First, let’s see who are his friends, and then we do an analysis on them. Let’s me end the suspense: his friends are radical Muslims as well. They too have Twitter or Facebook pages raging against infidels, their new countries, and European women.

I have written time and time again that these people live among us. They smile at our jokes, as they prepare to fight us.

In Europe and America they wage wars on two fronts. The first is political, which allowed the terrorists to infiltrate en masse. They now occupy all areas of society, and we finance their activities, as we eat at their restaurants, and patronize their other businesses.

Next, they plan to infiltrate our neighborhoods and saturate the population. They have more children than us, and will run us out.

Increased population means increased political power.

You now see them on city councils, and that creep will continue. Soon Muslims will occupy the highest office in the land, and some believe that has already occurred.

They will make more and more demands, like halal food only in schools, and more Muslims in here and there, as part of “affirmative action” campaigns.

Europe lives this horror presently. The mayor of London is now a Muslim, a radical Muslim. He’s an ethnocentric racist Muslim, who cares only that London capitulate to the whims of his theocracy.

London has fallen. The people have submitted to Islam, and all that awaits is for heads to start rolling in the streets.

Germany is not far behind. And to think that all they needed to do is monitor social media for radicals.


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