Glenn Beck: There Is No Coming Back from Latest Stunt

Glenn Beck has lost his way. At one point, I idolized the man, and my bet is many of you did as well.

Glenn Beck laid the very foundation for me to become a better Conservative.

My obsession with Glenn Beck was like a kid in a candy store. I own every single book the man has ever written and have followed the many programs he’s offered.  That all changed this last election.

Beck and the majority of everyone at The Blaze came to an agreement that they were going to join the “Cruz Crew”, and fight Donald Trump with everything they had. Based on the election results, Beck failed, miserably.

Beck who was once employed with Fox News left to start the Blaze. His message was the same. “Fight Progressivism in both Parties” and “Find inner peace”. As the years have gone by that message changed.

In September, Beck called for  conservatives to “empathize” with Black Lives Matter activists in a New York Times op-ed. Why would Conservatives embrace a cop-killing hate-group, whose very existence is built on a lie?

Now Beck has joined with Full Frontal’s,  Samantha Bee to fight “Trumpism”. 

Warning Graphic Language! 

What a fall from grace for Beck.

For most Conservatives, there is just no coming back from this. Beck claims he wants us to get along, forgetting that the Left has no intention of ever getting along with Conservatives.

The Left have dominated politics and controlled the public discourse for decades. Their ideology, though appearing inviting, tolerant, and so on. However, they are anything but tolerant.

By now most Conservatives know how the Left operates. They love you, as long as you agree with them.

As for Beck, there is no coming back from this stunt. Samantha Bee is a talentless hack, so the notion that Beck needs to partner with her reveals his desperation.

What exactly does The Blaze represent anymore? Does anybody there know. Beck certainly doesn’t.

In truth, Beck has never known what he wants to be, politically. I know that I won’t care what the next move is, as I will not follow him.


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