What Are Hillary Clinton Chances of Stealing the Election?

It is rumored that Hillary Clinton will try to steal the election from Donald Trump. So what is that old hag been up to?

Who knows for sure, since Hillary Clinton has pretty much been hunkered down since her shellacking by Trump. However, maybe Clinton courts electoral college defectors.

People believe the fix is in. According to POLITICO,

“Advocates of the long-shot bid to turn the Electoral College against Donald Trump have been in contact with close allies of Hillary Clinton, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.”

Interestingly, Hillary’s group wants to recruit the “Never Trump” crowd to upend the election results.

Let’s go ahead and remind everybody about Hillary Clinton’s chastising of Trump during the campaign for not accepting the results of the election.

Of course the memes abound on that, as well as Hillary Clinton putting the fix in.

Hillary Clinton is a wounded duck, and Obama is the quintessential lame duck. So neither of these ducks of the rat type have much political clout to miraculously “find” enough votes to matter. But there is that pesky electoral college.

The Never Trumpers are said to be planning a mutiny. Thus, Republican electoral voters are being askedto choose Ohio Gov. John Kasich over Trump. {I will give you a few moments to stop laughing.}

If Hillary Clinton is successful, she will get enough electoral college members to deny President-elect the electoral majority needed to be elected. If this were to happen, the House of Representatives would then get to decide who will become the next president of the United States.

There are two chances of this happening: slim and none, and slim died the other day.

Nevertheless, 538 members of the Electoral College will meet on Dec. 19 in their respective state capitals to cast the formal vote for president. With Trump having 306 electors, Hillary Clinton and the Never Trumpers will have to really influence a lot of electors.

According to POLITICO,

“That’s why anti-Trump electors are working to persuade at least 37 Republican electors to ditch Trump, the minimum they’d need to prevent his election, and join them in support of a compromise candidate, which could send the final decision to the House of Representatives. Clinton won the popular vote in states that include a total of 232 electors.”

I read that the effort is gaining steam. Admittedly this is laughable, because the only person being discussed is the one lone Republican member of the Electoral College from Texas.

In what I think is little more than a publicity stunt, Dallas paramedic Chris Suprun who supported Trump now says he will not cast his vote for Trump.

So one down, 36 more to go?

Hillary Clinton is destined to be embarrassed again. She should call off this farce, particularly given Trump’s success with Carrier and SoftBank. Because of Trump’s proactive stance to bring business to America, many naysayers have lost their appetite for such a change.


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