Imagine What Trump Will Tweet To Charlie Sheen

It’s amazing how many Hollyweirdos want to piggyback on Trump.

Charlie Sheen is no exception. Given the trajectory of his career, Sheen should hitch a ride on the Trump Train.

As Fox News reported,

Actor Charlie Sheen took to Twitter last night to wish death upon the next President of the United States.

The tweet, sent as social media mourned the death of actress Debbie Reynolds, has been liked more than 27,000 times and re-tweeted 15,500 times.

Interesting that Sheen wished death upon Trump, coming from a guy who has a lot of people likely wishing Sheen were next.

Trump appears to be in pretty good health, and I will tweet on behalf of The Donald,

Well at least I don’t have HIV! Charlie Sheen is a loser, who loses at sex. Not winning.

Here were a few comments on “Why do so many people hate Charlie Sheen?”

I feel really bad for Charlie Sheens [sic] children, especially the two boys who seem to have no stable environment to be raised in. There is people magazine cover with charlie and the two boys and the children do not look happy.

It seems like CS is a bit of an energy vampire – he really wants to be the centre of attention and doesn’t like it when it isn’t given to him. I think Jon Cryer is very classy in how he did not comment on the situation and how he handled being called a troll.

Another comment

Its not that I hate him I just hate the choices he is making. He has kids that need him and look up to him…he is being very careless with them by bringing strange women in and out of their lives.They’re just babies right now but what about when they get older? What is he going to tell them?

His children were taken from him and it did not really seem to effect him at all… sad.

He will half to explain to them one day why he chose porn stars for babysitters and why he chose to release the video of his children being taken by police.

Charlie Sheen acts as quintessential Charlie Sheen. He wants the spotlight on him, and now he has it. But as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The man is a gifted actor, but he’s squandered much of his life. Hollywood has indulged his bad behaviors, because that’s what Liberals do. Liberals love tragedy, especially tragedies of their own creations.

You can bet that somebody has already written the story of Sheen’s life, with multiple endings. The can toss the ones where he wins in the end.

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