Liberals Run to Supreme Court to Fight for Useful Black Idiots

Liberals have corralled black people into “black neighborhoods.” At voting time, suddenly Liberals want tentacles of black neighborhoods to have big reaches into nearby white neighborhoods.

They do this in order to steal votes they would not ordinarily get.

Take St. Louis District One Congressional seat held by Lacy Clay.

Democrats appointed a silly Negro overseer in a predominantly black area. Then try to put enough black voters in his surrounding district to diffuse the white vote.

Look at a gerrymandered map, and you can see only one possible outcome, and that’s a Democrat advantage. All territory below the red line is territory added to Lacy Clay’s district. Also note the additional “finger” that extends into a predominantly white area of St. Louis County.


I assure you white people don’t want Lacy Clay or any other member of the Congressional Black Circus as their congressmen. However many are stuck with these racist con men. Their votes negated by ignorant blacks who re-elect these ineffective racist crooks time and time again.

And when Liberals lose elections after trying to tip the scales, they scream racism.

So as SF Gate reports, the Supreme Court will yet again have its time wasted on Liberal nonsense.

The Supreme Court is returning to the familiar intersection of race and politics, in a pair of cases examining redistricting in North Carolina and Virginia.

The eight-justice court is hearing arguments Monday in two cases that deal with the same basic issue of whether race played too large a role in the drawing of electoral districts, to the detriment of African-Americans.

They are right. Race played a large role in the redistricting, as blacks were used against America for the good of crooked Democrats. Nonetheless, I don’t believe attorneys for the plaintiffs will argue this point.

And you should note that it’s always Democrats arguing on behalf of black voters, when they offer their frivolous accusations.

The claim made by black voters in both states is that Republicans packed districts with more reliably Democratic black voters than necessary to elect their preferred candidates, making neighboring districts whiter and more Republican.

A lower court agreed with the challengers in North Carolina that two majority-black congressional districts were unconstitutional because their maps relied too heavily on race. The state appealed to the Supreme Court, arguing in part that it made districting decisions based on partisan politics, not race.

The justices have been more forgiving of maps based on partisan advantage, though they soon may confront the issue of whether overly partisan districts can themselves violate the Constitution, in a case from Wisconsin.

How can you not forgive the maps. Blacks congregate, because Democrats want it this way. This is the political equivalent of having one’s cake and eating it too.

Virginia is a good example. The article continues,

In Virginia, a court upheld 12 state legislative districts and rejected a constitutional challenge, even though lawmakers made sure that at least 55 percent of the eligible voting-age population in each district was African-American. Redistricting follows the once-a-decade census, when population shifts require the adjustment of political districts to keep them close to equal in numbers.

Put another way, blacks live in the same area. This problem could be solved if blacks lived all over cities, instead of “areas,” like Chicago’s South Side, or North St. Louis. One doesn’t have to guess the demographics of either of these two areas, particularly if you live in either of these cities. The Left should just put up signs that read:

“You have left ‘White America,’ and entered ‘The Danger Zone.'”

Furthermore, these areas exist in EVERY major city in America. And you can bet that a member of the Congressional Black Circus leads these huddled masses, yearning to be stupid.


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