Liberals Formed a Climate Change Support Group

If I were a devious sort, I could get all stupid Liberal white people’s money. This ilk of white people are ripe for the pimping…I mean picking.

The little snowflakes can’t deal with a simple concept like weather. Liberals pretend to believe that climate change issues are man-made, because Liberals are self-important. Without them, Earth would simply not exist, at least metaphysically.

Despite the multitude of scientists who now admit they participated in the fraud of “global climate doom,” Liberals refuse to back off the narrative. How could they be wrong?

So instead, they double down on climate change issues.

As Yale Climate Connections documented,

A dozen people sit in an airy Salt Lake City conference room, the view of the Wasatch mountains a reminder of why they’re here. It is October 2016, and they have gathered to share in grief.

The gathering is the brainchild of Laura Schmidt, who described the meeting in a recent Skype interview. Schmidt’s day job at HEAL Utah is to rally others to support clean air legislation in the state. By night, she’s been organizing this monthly “Good Grief” group, which focuses on working through heavy feelings about difficult societal problems, especially climate change.But this is not a typical support group. This smattering of artists, activists, writers, and others is discussing their feelings about how they each contribute to climate change.

I wish I could have planted a fat frat boy in that meeting. I would have paid him to fart strategically, as this group of lunatics kept blaming each other.

The article continues,

There’s no clinical definition for “climate grief,” but for Schmidt, “It’s that feeling at the pit of your stomach when you realize that people – probably even the ones we love – and wildlife will suffer as the impacts of climate change become more prevalent. It’s the ache we feel when we see how non-existent or slow ‘progress’ to combat warming is.”

There is a clinical definition for “climate grief.” It’s defined as “Bat Shit Crazy!”

These brain-dead Leftist morons’ lives are so rich, they have time to consider such nonsense.

Photographer Leah Hogsten, who has been attending the meetings since April, says she likes the opportunity to talk with like-minded people – and discuss solutions, too. She also says she leaves the meeting feeling better than when she got there.

“You’ve vented and gotten some worries off your chest, and now you have a better understanding of what you can do as an individual,” she says.

It seems only natural that talking about the issue in a supportive setting would help a person address fear and sadness.

But at a time when climate change is a rare topic of conversation among Americans, Schmidt’s group is truly unusual.

That’s right, Princess Snowflake, the rest of America worries less about climate change issues than about paying bills, advancing in careers, and finding leisurely time to pursue happiness.

The funny thing about Liberals is they are either (1) so rich they can look for nonsense\ical causes, or (2) they simply want everybody as miserable as they. Usually it’s the latter.

These are the people who worry about second-hand smoke. Because first-hand smoke simply wasn’t dangerous enough. Thank God, we will now steer the ship. These mental defectives have had the helm long enough.


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