Media Awakens Suddenly During Era of Trump

If only crooked Hillary Clinton had won the election, the media could continue phoning it in.

Why bother to get off your lazy asses and investigate the real stories? When Obama decreed his administration “scandal-free,” he should have given out the “fake news” journalism awards that made that statement possible.

But with a Trump administration, the media suddenly has found their wings.

According to the Washington Examiner,

Major media organizations have suddenly discovered a passion to act as a check on the powerful.

“One thing is certain in the presumptive era of President Trump. Journalists are going to have to be better — stronger, more courageous, stiffer-spined — than they’ve ever been,” wrote the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan.

A few weeks later, the New York Times announced the formation of a new investigative unit to cover the federal government. Many in the press cheered the development as a good first step in establishing some sort of media “oversight” for the incoming Trump administration.

Lord knows there was nothing to chase when Obama was president. The most transparent administration of the modern era certainly proved that.

Running weapons illegally into Mexico to cause civil unrest? No story there. Veterans dying on waiting list, as bureaucrats did nothing. What story? The IRS intimidating conservative organizations? Negro PLEASE!

Green energy company payola, illegal campaign funds from overseas? Psst, these stories deserve no additional attention, right?

However Trump is steeped in controversies.

Look at his cabinet. I mean…look at it. They’re all RICH! And some of them are even competent.

Then there is his meddling in the affairs of corporate America. Like threatening to save money on Air Force One jets. What’s up with that. Then threatening Lockheed on cost overruns on the F-35. What’s that going to save the American taxpayer, a few billion dollars.

Then Trump acts like the capitalists in America belong to him. What’s his deal going out saving jobs at Carrier, and creating even more at SoftBank, IBM, Ford, and the industry that built America…STEEL!

I can see why the press has decided to keep an eye on Trump. If they don’t, Trump could go out and grab a bunch of women by the p*ssies!

The article continues,

media-awakens-trump-surroundedCalls to action are noble. Holding the powerful to account is the reason the press is in the First Amendment, and the power that needs the most scrutiny and skepticism is our federal government. So, cheers!

But where has this fire been for the last eight years? The corollary of the creation of the Times’ new investigative unit is that it didn’t exist during the presidency of Barack Obama. It’s not as if President Obama and his administration have been the most transparent in history, to coin a phrase, somehow obviating the need for press scrutiny.

In fact, it has been the opposite, according to the Society of Professional Journalists, which sent a letter to White House press secretary Josh Earnest in September listing specific ways in which transparency has gotten worse under Obama.

Officials have blocked reporters’ requests “to talk to specific staff people,” the group said, imposed “excessive delays in answering interview requests that stretch past reporters’ deadlines,” and “officials convey information ‘on background,’ refusing to give reporters what should be public information unless they agree not to say who is speaking,” Additional grievances include, “federal agencies blackballing reporters who write critically of them” and a “continued lack of meaningful visual access to the president by an independent press pool.”

When it came to time to investigate Obama’s “non-scandals,” that Negro sent people on vacations. Suddenly nobody could be reached for comment.

It was only when the press were attacked themselves, when we understood just how bad things were under Obama. The article goes on,

The letter doesn’t even get to the details of the 2013 scandal in which the Justice Department was found to have secretly obtained at least two months worth of office and personal telephone records belonging to Associated Press journalists.

The letter doesn’t discuss the DOJ using the Espionage Act of 1917 to name Fox News’ James Rosen as a “criminal co-conspirator” in an investigation involving leaked classified information.

It doesn’t even get into the fact that the Obama White House set a record in 2014 for denying the most Freedom of Information Act requests of any administration.

Denying the most FOIA requests negates the idea of transparency, does it not.

But thankfully the press has awakened. Maybe they will actually chronicle the difference a real president makes versus a fake news president.



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