Merry Christmas Video: Trump and Tea Party Community

America endured 8 Christmases of Obama, because of braindead morons who voted for him. But we are not mad.

In fact, the Tea Party Community created this video to show that we harbor no bad feelings.

We hope you enjoy this video in the spirit it was intended.

Remember, Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Don’t worry. We will post this video for the next 7 years, until there is another Conservative president. At that time, we will make a new one.

woman-with-flag Merry Christmas videoYou should join the Tea Party Community.

It is America’s largest and fastest growing social media network for Conservatives. Unlike predecessors, our group activates people.

Our projects reach those who have been lied to about the Tea Party Community. We reach blacks, Latinos, Millennials, and women, as we showcase the real nature of Conservatives.

We support America FIRST! We love our troops, law enforcement, and we believe all people are humans first.

We are not perfect, and thus not sanctimonious. Right is right and wrong is wrong…period.

As the principle owner of Tea Party Community, I plan to exploit the name. A black man growing a high-tech company, being mentioned with names like Zuckerberg, Sergei Brin (the founder of Google), and many others is sure to open eyes. And who better to represent Conservatism than a black man living the dream!

So activate with us. Help us grow our membership. If you can, donate to support what we do.

The new TPC will launch at the end of Jan. You will see that though Zuckerberg has more money, we are innovative as well. Our plan is to draft off of Facebook, until we pass them.

Know that social media will do us no favors. So we must make a stand.

Also, Liberals hate us. They will not change until we force them.

Finally, although we believe President-elect Trump will make great decisions, and has our best interests in mind, we must make sure he respects our point of view.

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