New York Republican Wishes Mad Cow Disease on Obama

When I heard somebody wished Obama would get mad cow disease, my thought was as follows:

“Why would anybody wish to saddle another human being with HILLARY CLINTON?!”

How cruel! Hillary Clinton is one angry bovine.

But that’s not what Carl Paladino meant, when he made that New Year’s wish. As the Washington Post reported,

Carl Paladino, a former Republican nominee for governor of New York and an adviser to president-elect Trump, included the death of President Obama and “return” of first lady Michelle Obama to Africa on his list of things he wanted for 2017.

Paladino was responding to a survey by an alternative weekly magazine, Artvoice.

Asked what he would like to happen in 2017, he said he hopes that “Obama catches mad cow disease” and dies after having relations with a Hereford, a type of cow. Asked what he would most like to see go, Paladino responded that Michelle Obama would “return to being male” and be “let loose” in Zimbabwe.

Needless to say, the reference to Zimbabwe is what hit home the most with Leftist. What should Paladino have said? That Michelle Obama be loosed in Switzerland?


hereford-brownTruth be told, the Obamas will be untouchable for some time, even as they lose the cache of being the president and first lady. After all, they will still be black.

So until Trump does so well that Leftist finally must turn in their race sympathizer cards, the Obama will garner “race” sympathy.

Now back to Paladino’s reference to Obama having sex with a Hereford. That comment represented the real jab. I certainly caught the inference, and I must say “touche” to Paladino.

Back Camera

Herefords come in two varieties, (1) brown and white, and (2) black and white.

You must admit, Paladino made two interesting references. But he was clever enough to leave himself wiggle-room if backed into a corner.






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