Obama Holiday Greeting to America: I’m Great and Screw You

I rejoice in knowing this is the very last Christmas message Obama will give as president of the United States.

The message was a tribute to himself, as he offered his “canned” fake news commercial of just how much better he’s made America for us.

To watch these two yuck it up, you’d think America was the Liberal Utopia they were said to be ushering in. Truthfully, America has been trashed by these two.

They sit there, pretending to care. Next to the Clintons, we have witnessed two people who got the most out of a country to which they have given nothing.

Worse, these two have created an America that most of us can’t stand.

How many police officers will never celebrate Christmas with their families, under Obama’s careful watch? While he partied with people who condone the killing of law enforcement officers, wives and husbands grieve over fallen family members who wear the blue.

And what of the far too many blacks who died this year, killed by other blacks? What does Obama say to their families? 16 major cities saw record homicides this year, as Obama vacationed and campaigned for crooked Hillary Clinton. 6,000 blacks were killed by other blacks in 2015, and 256 black were killed by police that same year. Think Obama knows this? Think he cares?

Also, let’s not forget the 22 military men and women who daily take their own lives. Obama promised to address their issues, yet nothing has changed. Then there are veterans who didn’t celebrate Christmas because they died waiting for care on some VA list?

Who could forget the thousands of Christians executed by ISIS this year? Obama, that’s who.

Nobody seems to have this number, however we know it’s large. Even CNN admits that Christians are in peril.

He seems to have forgotten to mention the two ISIS captives who were burned on Christmas day by ISIS. I’m sure he will hear about it soon when Obama checks with the media for answers.

Moreover, he can find out how many Americans were killed by illegals. Thousands of these victims won’t celebrate Christmas in Obama’s final year. They will join the thousands of others who died in years past.

Then, what about the families of the gays killed in Miami? How will Christmas be for them? We know that the victims of this brutal Muslim terrorist attack will miss Christmas this year.

Join us, as we commemorate the lives of all the forgotten Americans, innocent victims of ignorant Leftist policies.

Finally, we can look forward to a new America, an America with promise. The new America will remember Jesus and God, and celebrate Christianity, instead of abandoning it.

Merry Christmas!

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