Obama Knew Russian Spies Infiltrated Government

Not long ago Obama announced a plan to get back at Russia for exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton and dooming his legacy.

Obama’s brilliant plan will deport 35 suspected Russian spies and close two Russian intelligence compounds in New York and Maryland.

The administration who claims the Russians hacked the election now admits to knowing the Russians have 35 suspected spies, and two Russian spy compounds in the United States?

If Obama knew there were 35 spies and two spy compounds, why not deport them and shut down the compounds? By not doing so, what was Obama doing?

By allowing Russian spies to exist in America, it’s likely Obama sanctioned the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton. Everybody knows the Obamas and the Clintons are not friends.

Hillary Clinton seat Putin Democrats Russian alliesHowever, the hack exposed not only Hillary Clinton but also Obama. Thus Obama’s retaliation is in response to the Russians showcasing Obama as far too incompetent to run the government.

Simply put: the Russians hurt Obama’s legacy, if they are indeed to culprits who hacked Clinton.

Obama made these announcements while on a vacation in Hawaii, not from the Oval Office. (By the way, how lazy do you have to be to take a vacation in your last month as President of the United States?

Remember when Hillary Clinton said that her server was not compromised?

We gone from Clinton’s declaration to “the Russians cost me the election,” without a peep from the media.

Hint to media on possible story: Maybe Hillary should have handed ALL the emails over herself?

Time for a recap:

Essentially now Clinton admits her server was compromised. Next, we learned from Obama’s cracker jack FBI that the Russians are behind the hack. Finally, we learned that these same Russians have operated in America with immunity until now.

How do Leftists rationalize their “logic” should be required classes beginning in the 3rd grade.

Here’s some more of that stellar logic: Obama Russian Spies

While Hillary Clinton pretends that Vladimir Putin and “The Donald” spoon together routinely, the fact is the two men have never me. However, when it comes to getting cozy with the Russians, Obama has this flashback.

obama-with-dmitry-medvedevIn 2012 when Obama discussed the American missile defense with Russia, he was heard on a hot mic saying “After my election I have more flexibility.”

Obama wasn’t talking yoga. He was discussing the flexibility to start picking curtains with the Iron Curtain.

Next, Obama dispatched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to reset relation relations with Russia. How could we forget the red reset button incident.

And what of Obama’s and Clinton’s new Russian ally invading Ukraine. Obama pretended to be golfing that day. Wait, he WAS golfing that day, and wished Putin well with his “strong words.”

Let’s not forget when Obama signaled that he was Putin’s bitch when he canceled the planned missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Next Obama helped Russia’s key ally Iran, on their quest to build nuclear weapons by signing the disastrous Iran deal. He then abandoned Syria to let Russia and Syrian President Assad (Putin’s buddy) crush any hope of freedom in the country.

While Obama “gayed” America’s rapidly waning military, Russia expanded theirs.

If the Russians hack Hillary Clinton, I’d suggest she question her former boss.

If anybody is best friends with Putin, it’s Barack Hussein Obama.


Kyle is a former Congressional speechwriter and campaign operative. He now works as a chemist in the private sector and is an editor and contributor at ThinkRightPolitics.com

Twitter: @kylekirker


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