If Obama Had a Son: Woman Fights Off Purse Snatcher

Christmas shopping is never over for thugs, as it continues year round.

So when this woman who was minding her own business was approached by an “Obama shopper,” she knew to be on alert.

As the New York Daily News reports,

Police on Thursday released startling surveillance video showing a 38-year-old woman in a tug of war with a mugger over her purse in Brooklyn.

The dramatic footage shows the would-be robber arguing with an unidentified accomplice before attempting to snatch the victim’s handbag on Lafayette Ave. near Bedford Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 4, cops said.

The brave victim can be seen holding on to her bag tightly and screaming for help as she struggles aggressively with the woman trying to rob her. She ultimately wins the tug of war and falls into the street with her bag when the crook loses her grip.

What I find most shocking is how brazen the potential thief behaves.

First he approaches a woman who obviously doesn’t know him, nor does she have interest in what he’s saying. As she continues to ignore him, he follows.

Once she rounds the corner, in full view of many people he grabs her purse. But he doesn’t “snatch and run,” a far less bodacious act, as it implies that the criminal knows he is wrong. Instead, this guy lingers, casually.

He’s confident about not getting in trouble (at least at that moment). He so confident in fact, he strikes up a conversation with somebody they believe to be his accomplice.

I disagree this person is an accomplice. Accomplices don’t try to talk sense into people. That’s far too reasonable, and that’s what this woman appears to do. An accomplice would have helped grab the purse. Then the accomplice might have gotten in a punch on the woman interfering with “Obama shopping.”

At worse, the woman having the conversation might have been the thief’s girlfriend. As she approaches, she apparently can’t believe what the fool just did. Frankly, I bet she realized where all her “presents” from him had come.


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