President Trump Will Retire the Race Card and Race Pimps

Race pimps have been given their notice.

President-elect Trump has been called a racist. A lot. I predict that, along with making many other positive changes during his presidency, President-elect Trump will retire the race card.

Take a look at these things the media has conveniently forgotten to mention:

Trump not a racist
After Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana, he dated a lovely black woman named Kara Young.
The Left conveniently overlooks that fact, as the evidence of that relationship certainly negates the “fake news.”
And when don’t they overlook facts?
Well, as one black man said to me of Trump dating a black woman,
“He just wanted to feel like a slave master, that’s why he dated that sista.”
Nice try.
As Conservative Read reports,

Recall, the anti-Trump corporate media has been whistling this same tune from the time that Trump was leading in the primaries. Photos of Trump rallies circulated in which scores of attendees were featured with arms lifted in air. This, the scandalously dishonest media wanted for us to conclude, proved that Trump—Trump, one of the most visible and famous men in the world, a man with a public record extending back three decades, a real estate mogul who had a long-running, top-rated NBC television show!—was the new Hitler and his supporters Brown Shirts.

When Laura Ingraham, a Fox News contributor, veteran nationally syndicated talk radio host, and the mother of adopted children from the Third World, spoke at the GOP’s Convention back in July, this same media circulated photos of her with an outstretched arm. The message was the same: Trump and his supporters are Nazis, fascists, racists, etc.

My adopted Mom sent me a note from a friend who wrote:

A full year of nasty, unfounded allegations of racism against anyone who supported Trump, and still zero examples. Predictably, anyone Trump lines up for his administration will be accused of being a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-senior citizen, anti-“reproductive rights” (translation: “pro-abortion”), anti-earth, anti-Lego, anti-anti, etc.
If Trump brought in nothing but amputee, black, Spanish-speaking gay midgets, the NY Times would then accuse him of excluding Canadian Asian left-handed Buddhists.
America apparently invented the interrelated themes of “institutional racism,” “unconscious racism,” and “white privilege” for decades. Ironic when one consider most of the people accusing others are white Liberals who run the very institutions that are racist.
Known black racist, author Toni Morrison, attributes Trump’s victory to a “fear” of the “loss” of “white privilege.” I find this interesting, given that most of my white friends and acquaintances are oblivious to race. However, as Morrison’s article suggests,
By the lights of this thinking, all whites are “racist,” even those with the best of intentions toward those of other races. All whites need to be “mindful” of their “privilege,” i.e. of their obligation to better the plight of peoples of color—even when the latter, on an individual basis, may be better off than them.

Nevertheless, as Trump’s policies begin to positively impact the black community, will Leftist be able to make the charge of racism stick?

I say no way, Jaquan. Look at what just happened in Indianapolis.

In a city that at last count was almost 30 percent black, more than twice the national average, Donald Trump saved jobs.

In 2008 Barack Obama stunned Republicans winning the state over Senator John McCain. When you consider the margins of victory for Bush, 20 percentage points in 2004 and 15 points in 2000, you get a feeling of just how big of a win this was. Though slight, Obama won the state with 49.9 percent of the vote to McCain’s 49 percent.

However, after 4 years of Obama, Romney would win back the state in 2012 by a margin of 54.3 percent to 43.8 percent, the margin of victory being 10.5 percent. Then came 2016. And after 8 years of Barack Obama, Indiana had had enough.

This year Trump won the state 57.2 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 37.9 percent, margin of victory expanded to 19.3 percent. So the state normalized.

Back to Carrier

Obama’s Propaganda Secretary Josh Earnest commented that President-elect has a long way to go to save as many jobs as Obama. The Left knows that Obama hasn’t created any new jobs, and he’s saved even fewer.

Nevertheless, let’s pretend to believe the “fake news” of Obama as the deliverer of jobs. This begs the question, “Why didn’t he save jobs at Carrier?”

Earnest appeared flippant about the jobs saved by the white man, ergo jobs that the black man apparently was too busy to save.

In Indiana’s largest city, news travels fast.

Black people have already noted that Obama did nothing to save Carrier jobs. Further, they noted that President-Elect Trump stepped in, as promised, and saved jobs of friends and loved ones, and kept millions of dollars in the Indianapolis economy.

Indy pales in comparison to New York. But you can bet the shot over the bow of what Trump did and Obama didn’t has been heard in New York, and everywhere else.







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