Principal Menaces Protesters and May Be Sued

This inner city school principals loses it, as pro-lifers hold signs near the side walk of the school for which he has responsibility.

Listen to this guy protect what he believes to be his turf, from people who dare want to inform youth of the pro-life issue.

The school principal is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. That’s right folks, the Bible belt. For those who believe America has a Bible belt, I suggest you think again.

No matter where one lives, when you get in cities of decent size, you will be confronted with Liberalism. This is especially true, when the town is dominated by colleges and universities.

Ft. Wayne has a population of just under 300,000. The city has Purdue University, and a few other less notable colleges. Ft. Wayne represents the perfect recipe for Liberalism.

Carlton Mable is the principle of South Side High School in Ft. Wayne. He is the man who made the big fuss that pro-lifers were handing out information to high school kids about abortion. Administrators and educators condone teaching kids to put condoms on bananas in the second grade, but don’t dare tell them about saving the life of an unborn child.

Because of Mable’s tirade, his board faces a dilemma.

The board of the Thomas More Society, wrote a letter to the school rightfully stated that Mable of “aggressively approached” and “verbally accosted” the pro-life activists.

As you have seen, the incident was caught on video.

A letter has been sent on behalf of the organization, Created Equal, and its individuals. The organization has asked for assurances for the “continued protection of the pro-life advocates’ constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

The Thomas More Society rightfully characterized Mable’s actions as “a tirade.” What may be most disturbing about the rant, is how Mable told Created Equal members “not to approach ‘my kids’ and to get off ‘my property.’”

These kids do not belong to him, nor does the school.

Next, Mable threw some of the signs into a busy street.

“Mable’s behavior is another example of what’s occurring on high school and college campuses across the country. Shielding young adults from difficult subjects, like abortion, does not prepare them for the real world,” Thomas More said.

We plan to make Mable a project of Tea Party Community, as he needs to lose his job.


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