Racist Senate Democrats Exposed Again

The Democrats have forever cried racism, as they point the finger of accusation at every body but themselves.

However, as I have said and proven time and again, Democrats are vile racists.

These racist, bigoted blowhards have accused Republicans of lacking diversity and building “glass ceilings.” Yet Democrats themselves lack diversity and prevent minorities from achieving, and it is validated in this report.

Senate Democrats are under pressure to bring more diversity to their offices, after a report came out accusing the party of “soft bigotry.”

Despite sounding the clarion call for more diversity and aggressively pursuing even the slightest whiff of racial bigotry over the last year, Dems are apparently scrambling to mix up the whiteness in their offices, Politico’s Playbook covered today in a short blurb.

Now that the jig is up, Democrats do what they do. They are “scrambling” to solve the very problem they have created, and work diligently to fix?” So what exactly have Democrats, the stalwarts of diversity, been up to?

The article continues,

On top of having no minority chiefs of staff, less than three percent of blacks and Latinos have senior staff positions in Senate Democrats’ offices, according to a 2015 report from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

Less than 3 percent! This is for both blacks AND Latinos.

Interesting statistic, given the attention to detail Democrats give blacks and Latinos…at election time.

The articles explains,

Now, Senate Democrats are under pressure to fix their diversity issues as activists and civil rights groups mobilize against them. Some civil rights groups plan to hold a conference call Thursday to campaign for more diversity in Senate Democrats’ offices.

As you ponder this meeting, think Black Lives Matter in suits.

The problem the Democrats have created now comes back to haunt them. Or to peck them, if you prefer chickens coming home to roost as your analogy.


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