Seth MacFarland: Just Another Trump-Hating Leftist Prick

People often ask me if Leftists believe what they say. I explain, “Yes, they do.”

Leftists represent the shallowest part of the gene pool. Which is ironic, given they believe themselves to be so intelligent.

Seth McFarland is an excellent representative of Leftist intelligentsia. He comments on Twitter here, about why Hollywood people hate Trump:

Brilliant analysis, Seth, that’s if we live on the planet Moronia.

MacFarlane wants us to believe he lives and works among Trump supporters…in Hollyweird?

This knuckledragger is surrounded by idiot Leftists, or really good actors playing idiot Leftist. A Republican in Hollyweird is more rare than a black man not killed first in a thriller movie.

What could MacFarlane possibly be smoking? Don’t bother answering that.

I do cut the guy some slack, as I recall an interview where he explained the forming of the Universe.

MacFarlane, an atheist appeared on a late night talk show with some dweeb, and he explained the Big Bang theory. I recall the delight as MacFarlane, an obvious enthusiast of the cosmos gleefully said,

[pp] “Imagine that the universe is the size of a marble. And that marble was the weight of all that we see today. Then suddenly that marble exploded!”

MacFarlane went on to marvel at this orb called Earth.

I recalled thinking,

“This idiot just described God squeezing open that marble, and creating us in His image, and yet this moron questions God.”

Hey Seth, who do you think was holding that really heavy marble?”

But such is Hollyweird. Guys like MacFarlane can only think of their own self-importance. How could there possibly be a higher power, when guys like him exist?

Back to Trump

MacFarlane says, “Trump is not of the people.” Then who is Trump of? How was Obama “of the people,” one might ask Seth?

Outside of simply blind ideology, what would make MacFarlane say something so stupid.

The very notion that Trump is less qualified than Obama is ridiculous. And that proves my point that MacFarlane simply runs on blind ideology.

The Left don’t believe Obama to be a good president or a smart person. They run on muscle-memory of what makes they the most money and gets the chicks.

How do you get laid and invited to the best soirees? You toe the Liberal line.



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