Truck Mayhem and Liberal Lunacy in Berlin Terror Attack

Just when we all thought it was safe to shop freely at festive, open air markets for Christmas, we find out that Christians were targeted.

By now you’ve heard of the attack on shoppers in Berlin who had their Holiday spirit interrupted by another fundamentalist truck that went on a killing rampage.

No one knows how or when the truck became radicalized. Was it during manufacturing or at the distribution point?

Did the truck act alone, or was it part of a truck convoy trained at a rogue extremist chop shop?

What we do know about this act of terror by the truck is it had nothing to do with the trucking industry.

In fact, the Teamsters have issued a stern warning to its members: do not engage in “truckophobia” by linking this act to other peaceful and moderate fleets of trucks.

Sound ridiculous? Not if you learned of the Islamist terror attack that took place at the Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany on December 19, 2016 from the dhimmis at CBC Radio:

Their headline reads:

Witness describes ‘horrifying’ scene after truck crashes into Berlin Christmas market

One can read down through the entire report without learning anything about the identity or motivations of the driver of the truck. Of course we now know the driver to be an adherent of the so-called religion of peace.

Heaven forbid anyone actually mention the ideology behind the violent act, or the holy texts codifying such violence against the unbelievers.

That would make us guilty of “Islamophobia.”

Much of the world knows what the definition of Islamophobia really means: common sense ability to link the tenets of a religion with the widespread global behavior and actions of its followers.

Delving further into the interview we learn of such insights as:

the truck drove into the Christmas market…


…to respect the people who were injured by the truck

Was this a driverless Google truck? Perhaps Uber experimented with a driverless truck and something went wrong?

How about the Left stop reporting “fake news” and give the world the real story:

“The muslim terrorist drove the truck into the Christmas market.” Or how about “respect the people who were injured by the Islamist driving the truck“.

monster-truckLet’s not destroy the Leftist narrative of Islam. Telling the truth may infer that a human being devoted to a certain 1400-year-old ideology maliciously attacked innocent Christians.

Or that hundreds of millions of that ideology’s adherents all seem to be getting that part about peace really, really wrong.

The interview ends with:

You mention Nice, France. This is of course what happened in July on Bastille Day in France, where a truck drove into a crowd and killed 86 people.

We are reminded of a day only several months earlier, when another truck had committed a similar violent act. Moreover, we had been warned of the potential for wanton and entirely random acts of slaughter.

Nice of these purveyors of Big Brother-esque newspeak to remain consistent in sparing us the details about the individuals driving the trucks. Left to ourselves, what could we possibly believe would make these people engage in such behavior?

Because that could lead to cogent, logical conclusions about Islam. And we all know we aren’t allowed to go there.




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