Trump Could Expose Obama’s Crooked Iran Nuke Deal

President-Elect Trump will likely make Obama’s “most transparent administration in American history” actually transparent.

Senior officials on the Trump team are seriously considering a plan to release  “embarrassing” Iran nuke deal documents. These papers may expose the “worst deal ever made,” as Trump called it during his campaign speeches.

According to The Lid,

Releasing Iran nuke deal documents would be celebrated by the lawmakers who have opposed the agreement, especially those who opposed it feeling that congress and the American people were forced to vote without all the information they were promised. Some of Donald Trump’s cabinet members have been complaining about the lack of transparency about the deal, Michael Flynn, who will be national security adviser, and Mike Pompeo, Trump’s choice for CIA director.

The Lid is not the only source, as The Daily Beast reports:

“My guess is that they will be very forthcoming,” a grinning Sen. Bob Corker, the chairman of the foreign relations committee who has been named a potential candidate for Trump’s secretary of state, told The Daily Beast. “They’ll be more than desirous in ensuring that’s the case.”

”The American people know the Iran deal is bad. I can tell you it’s even worse than most people think. The Obama Administration has long known its position is indefensible, so they’ve chosen to hide unclassified documents from the public,” said Rep. Peter Roskam, an Illinois Republican and an Iran deal critic. “If this information is not classified, it should be made available to the public.”

The White House offered Obama the perfect safe house to stash whatever he needed to hide from his subjects. However, the king has been dethroned.

So now we potentially may see if Obama is as treasonous as the Iran nuke deal suggests.

The Iran nuke deal documents are now housed in SCIFs, or Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities, which are built to shield top secret information. Even though the documents are unclassified, State Department protocol requires these documents can only be viewed by lawmakers and Congressional staff with a certain level of security clearance.

Three sets of Iran nuke deal related documents are known to exist.  All three have been stored in a manner suggesting the highest of classified materials, and yet they are not. Further, because they are not, there will be no lengthy declassification process after January 20th.  We can expect to see what Team BO was hiding from us very shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, and Mike Pompeo, Trump’s choice for CIA director, will be especially pleased about the unveiling of the Iran Nuke Deal Docs.

President-elect Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn reviewed the treasure trove of material captured in the 2011 Osama bin Laden raid. He understands well what was contained in that material. Yet Flynn butted heads with the Obama administration, whose intelligence community smugly released little dribs and drabs of all useless materials.

Representative Mike Pompeo, Trump’s choice as CIA Director became acquainted with the “worst deal ever” while serving as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

In addition, Pompeo was one of the people who tried desperately to get to the bottom of those shifty cash payments the U.S. delivered to Iran via unmarked cargo plane. You know, the ransom Obama claimed wasn’t ransom.

As recently as Oct. 7, 2016, Pompeo wrote to Attorney General Loretta Lynch requesting answers on how those cash payments were approved by her Justice Department. Believe it or not, Lynch pleaded the 5th. She must have been putting wrappers around the cash bundles.

If I were Pompeo, I’d bitch slap that shrew.  Which is probably why I work solo from my home.

The good news is now Pompeo and Flynn hold down top posts in Trump’s national security cabinet. For the unratified Iran treaty and other innumerable reasons, they and other patriots are chomping at the bit for January 20th to get here.

Flynn and Pompeo will no longer have to ask permission to get their answers about Obama’s Iran policy.

“The Obama administration didn’t want wide readership and wanted to create hurdles for Congressional staff to see it,” said a senior GOP Congressional aide. “I hope when President Trump comes to office, he makes the Obama administration the most transparent in history. Because they have not been transparent.”

The understatement of the year.



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