Trump Election Win and the New Language of Conservatism

It doesn’t matter if you shovel manure for circus elephants as your job, you are happier that Trump is president.

Trump has even created a new lingo, where everything is Trumpmendous.

liberals-crying-4-obama-staffFor the first time in 8 years, life in America is Trumptastic! The election of Donald Trump, America is Trumperific, because Liberals are miserable.

As we enter the Trumpiday Season, Liberals will have their worst Christmas and New Year’s ever!!

That notion fills me with Trumpuberance!

If you’re thinking, “Kevin, that karma could circle back to bite you,” you’re wrong.

What occurred on election night is that wonderful bitch named “Karma” circling back to slap pansy-ass Liberals in the face, repeatedly!

Conservatives took more than our fair share of grief when Obama won. We sucked it up. Little by little we proved that we still ran things, as Liberals felt that keeping their black token in office constituted winning.

Sign after sign proved that Liberals were headed for disaster on election night, however they ignored the warning signs. They purposely ignored them, in fact.

The outcome was Trumpeautifully obvious.

liberals-crying-3 Trump election winAdmit it. When you see pictures of those butt-hurt Liberals crying on election night, you smile. It’s like watching somebody slip and fall; perhaps you shouldn’t laugh, but you still do. Such is my reaction when I see those faces.

Little whiners so full of hope only a few hours earlier, watch their dream get “trumpled.” I see that and I’m bent over laughing. “Trumpsterically,” I think out loud.

And those looks are uniquely “Hillaryan,” a priceless gaze of emptiness and despair. They’re SO FUNNY!

I like those pictures so much, I’m seriously considering selling “CRYING LIBERALS” wallpaper! The wallpaper would be montage of the all the faces of crying Liberals on election night, 2016. The “collectors edition” would feature Obama’s staffers, as they looked on.

How Trumpnificent would that be!

It didn’t take long for these crybabies to fight back…like sissies. So the “skinny jean” crowd threatened to upend the electoral college. That threat was supposed to scare us, and of course make Trump step down. Yet again, the takeover of the electoral college was just another Liberal fail of Trumpian proportions.

The road to Trumptory is now paved with the skulls of mindless Liberals. When I predicted the Trump win months ago, I chronicled all the reason why Conservatives would celebrate on November 8, and Liberals would feel the pain of loss they thought was gone forever.

liberals-crying-1 Trump election winIn my musings, I hadn’t thought much about my next book, until the Liberals continued their insanity. Thus, I considered writing about how good it felt on Nov 8, when we jaw-jacked Liberals, leaving them lying in their own feces at Hillary’s wake.

Trumpcellent: When Conservatives Struck Back

Don’t worry Conservatives, I will write a companion book that Liberals can read. How about.

Safe Space This!


Have a Trumpcredible day!


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