Trump Phenomenon: High Praise by Political Heavyweight

For Trump, the praise keeps on coming. This time it’s from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

As the Daily Mail reports, Kissinger thinks Trump might go down in history as a great.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has described President-elect Donald Trump as a ‘phenomenon’ with the potential to do ‘something remarkable’.

The 93-year-old Nobel laureate told CBS show Face The Nation that the Republican’s unconventional style could be an asset and an ‘extraordinary opportunity’ for the US.

Henry Kissinger Trump phenomenonIf anybody should know, it’s Kissinger. The man served as Secretary of State under not one, but two presidents, namely Nixon and Ford.

Kissinger went on to say of Trump.

‘Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen. So it is a shocking experience to them that he came into office, at the same time, extraordinary opportunity,’

‘And I believe he has the possibility of going down in history as a very considerable president.’

Strong words for a man who is considered a political stalwart.

Kissinger and Reagan needed to come to an understanding at one point, as there was a steep divide between Conservatives and the establishment back in 1980. As the Christian Science Monitor described at the time:

Henry Kissinger and Ronald Reagan appeared July 15 to have eliminated the last possible issue between the conservative wing of the Republican Party and the so-called Eastern establishment that is more liberal.

Before his address to the GOP convention here Tuesday evening, the former Nixon- Ford secretary of state met with Mr. Reagan Tuesday morning and then told a press conference that their views were “compatible.”

It is safer for America, he said, to elect Mr. Reagan than to continue a policy of “drift and ever-accelerating crisis” under President Carter.

kissinger-reagan Trump phenomenonAmerica rests on the cusp between utter doom and majestic greatness. We find ourselves in a deja vu of Reagan-Carter, except the stakes are far higher.

Instead of negotiating for hostages, we are looking down the barrel of an Iranian nuclear arsenal.

And like when Reagan inherited Carter’s mess, Trump will inherit a mess from Obama, just extraordinarily worse.

Obama has hidden behind quantitative easing, where he pumped over $8 trillion into the economy. Had it not been for the printing presses, Obama would be shown as the buffoon most of America knows him to be. Luckily Trump will bring back real jobs, and pump much needed true productivity back into the American economy.

In only a few short weeks, Henry Kissinger knows what he’s witnessing. He called Trump a “phenomenon.” A prodigy. Kissinger says of Trump, that we may have never seen anybody like him. And it’s true.

I exalt Reagan. When people mentioned Trump in the same sentence, I used to scoff at the notion. I don’t anymore. Further, neither will most of the country soon.

We’ve never had a president so in tune with how money works at the micro and macro level. Nor have we had one who took such a financial impact to actually give back.

I won’t get too far ahead of my skis to say that Trump is a genius. But he certainly has helped me follow the bread crumbs, and to understand the Trump phenomenon.



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