Donald Trump Has Rendered the Press Irrelevant

Donald Trump has rendered the press irrelevant, or at least put the nail in the coffin.

Actually, the Tea Party Community began the job when we shifted from the mainstream media to sites like Drudge. From there the explosion of Conservative media and writers tipped the scales.

Dick Cheney explains the rest.

The lamestream media feels the heat. Most of the heretofore standard media outlets are in big trouble. Whether print or broadcast, media outlets effuse red ink.

Most Conservative Americans know the media can’t be trusted. Ironically, the Left actually know this better than anybody, because they manipulate the media.

The creators of fake news, now want to solve the problem of fake news; standard operating procedure for Leftist. As we all know, Leftists create the problems they then claim to want to solve, to need to solve.

Former Vice President Cheney attended a Meet the Press event and was asked about the media.

A CNN correspondent asked him about President-elect Trump’s tweeting, and Trump’s obvious disdain and mistrust of the press. Cheney commented:

“I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it is sort of a way around the press,” … “He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.”

In the wake of the fake news scandals, no wonder the press has been deemed irrelevant. The biggest creators of fake news, now cry foul?

Hardly a Liberal press outlet has not been exposed as being an adjunct to the Democratic National Committee, and surrogates of Hillary Clinton.

Even after doing various mea culpas, the press hound Donald Trump with preset Leftist narratives. In short, they have learned nothing.

They believe that fake news got Trump elected, dismissing the non-existent reporting they did on Hillary Clinton. Their coverage of the candidates was equally embarrassing, but for very different reasons.

So now they lament Trump for circumventing them, using Twitter instead. Trump orchestrates the media, something we thought Obama was great at. However yet again, Trump teaches us that he is far more brilliant at something than Obama.

The media will never get it, but most of us do. The man is a magician at marketing. And marketing means messaging. Even his so-called faux pas end up as teachable moments to those who dare doubt him.

If his first four weeks as de facto president are any indication of the post-swearing in Trump, the media will soon kiss the ring like many others.

For that, America is long overdue.

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