Trump Vows to Build That Wall

Think Trump wasn’t serious about building a wall between the United States and Mexico?

Consider that the campaign is over, and President-elect Trump sent a shot across the bow to Speaker Paul Ryan. As sure as Trump kept his campaign promise to save jobs at Carrier, the President-elect appears to be just as serious about building that wall.

Here’s what Trump said at a rally in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin:

Donald Trump: Speaker Paul Ryan, where’s the speaker? Speaker Ryan. He has been, I tell you, he has been terrific. And you know, honestly, he’s like a fine wine. Every day goes by I get to appreciate his genius more and more. Now, if he ever goes against me I’m not going to say that. He’s a great guy and we have some amazing things in store. We’re going to work on taxes. We’re going to work on Obamacare. We’re going to work on things and he’s going to lead the way. So…

Crowd: And the wall!

Donald Trump: Oh, we’re going to work on the wall, Paul! You think we’re playing games. Somebody said the other day, well now that Trump won he’s really not going to build the wall. We’re going to build the wall, Ok?

Wisconsin is one of the many stops for Trump, who is holding what I call his “Thank You Tour.” Ok, it’s really the “F You Tour!” to all the Hollyweirdos and Never Trump crowd, with a few RINOs for good measure.

Trump plans to be in Pennsylvania, Florida and Alabama later this week, where he will remind those good citizens of their great choice to make him 45.

Trump remains on a tear, economically speaking. Further, the man is making Barack Obama look like the failure of century.

Along with saving jobs at Carrier, Trump has also gotten a commitment from SoftBank to invest $50 billion in the United States and create as many as 50,000 jobs. Apple is considering bringing a manufacturing plant back to the U.S.

Because of Trump, Ford is rethinking its strategy to build a manufacturing plant overseas, preferring to leave the plant in America.

And then there was Dow Chemical, who announce at a rally in Michigan, that not only would they increase their $7 billion investment in America in manufacturing, but they would build an innovation center in Michigan, effective immediately.

Trump has accomplished all this, and he’s not officially president yet.

Now we get this news that’s would be a kick in the balls to Obama, if he had any.

After a brief meeting with Trump, the president of U.S. Steel said he would look to bring jobs back to America. The outcome? According to FOX 2 News:

More than 200 area steelworkers got some good news Tuesday. US Steel has announced that a portion of the Granite City plant will resume operations in mid-February. A release from the company states that, “The company will begin processing slabs on the currently idled hot strip mill at Granite City Works in Granite City, Ill., in mid-February 2017. U. S. Steel intends to source slabs from its own domestic facilities.”

Trump then had a conversation with the CEO of IBM, and the outcome? As Fortune reports:

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty pledged to hire and train workers in the United States as she and other technology executives prepared to meet on Wednesday with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

“We have thousands of open positions at any given moment, and we intend to hire about 25,000 professionals in the next four years in the United States,” Rometty wrote in a USA Today piece published on Tuesday afternoon.

For the Never Trump people and the dyed-in-the-wool Leftists who said Trump was unfit to be president, I’d like you to weigh in on Trump’s actions thus far. {I’ll leave you time to find your crickets}

Trump proves daily how ineffective Barack Obama was and is as a president. Trump showcases what a competent leader can do when he’s not all about style and ego, and just about “Making America Great Again.”

As for wall between the U.S. and Mexico, you can expect Trump to announce a date to begin construction, when he stumps in Texas or Arizona.



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