Trump’s Approval Rating: Better Than Obama’s?

Do you think Trump’s approval rating beats Obama’s? Before you answer, remember that Trump is NOT black.

According to Rasmussen, Donald Trump has a 47 percent approval rating. That’s not bad, but keep in mind that 47 percent of the people do NOT approve of Trump’s job thus far.

The most interesting part of this poll lies in the notion that Trump doesn’t have an official job yet. In other words, people are weighing in on Trump’s job as President-elect. That said, I approve of Trump’s activities as President-elect, particularly since the actual president has no knowledge of what to do.

When Obama was President-elect, he begged Bush to save America, and spend $787 billion on TARP. Obama said it was in the interest of the economy. Bush did it, then Obama bashed Bush, For 8 years. And to add insult to skullduggery, Obama then claimed TARP worked and took credit for the fake new success.

Back to the Poll

in looking at this poll, one has to wonder who disapproves of Trump?

I know there were a few people mad that Trump decided not to prosecute crooked Hillary Clinton. But they should get over that, since that’s really the job of Congress. Hillary Clinton will pay for her monkey-business.

As for another possible reason to dislike Trump, there are those who are angered over some of Trump’s cabinet selections. Surely however one can let the man choose who he wants around him. After all, he’s been pretty successful up to this point.

Yet 47 percent disapprove of Trump?

Approval ratings should be based on things that actually impact the populous. Like creating jobs.

Are there people out there mad that Trump has created real jobs? Believe it or not, yes. Democrats.

What’s interesting about the hoopla of Trump, and the catastrophe that was to ensue if he were elected is the polling of other nations. We were told the Germans were worried in the run up to the election.

A new poll by YouGov shows Germans would most likely be “afraid”, “disappointed” or “angry” if billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump is elected US president next week.
The survey showed that 65 percent of German respondents answered that they would feel “afraid” if Trump were to become president of the United States, YouGov reported on Wednesday.
Market research firm YouGov surveyed 2,068 German adults between October 20th and 25th, and also polled residents of the UK, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

One has to wonder if the concerned Germans were some of Merkel’s refugees?

Post election, we were told how the Canadians felt about Trump’s win.

Shocked. Surprised. Disappointed and horror. Those were the top four words Canadians recently polled chose to describe their reaction to Donald Trump’s election win last week.

“Canadians, like a lot of people in other parts of the world, including in the United States, were really surprised at the result,” says Abacus Data Chair Bruce Anderson. “The combination of media reporting and the kind of poll coverage that people had been consuming left them with the impression that Hillary Clinton was going to win that election. So, surprise and shock were really the most powerful, instinctive reactions people had in Canada to this outcome.”

The idea that 47 percent of the nation would be against a man who’s save 1,100 jobs in Indiana. Are they also upset about Trump positioning thousands of jobs with SoftBank, IBM, Dow, US Steel, and many others?

The culture of America must be changed back to success. Too many people reward failure, and don’t know how to recognize success.

I predict Trump will have approval ratings in the 60 percent within two years.

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