UNICEF Awards: Liberals Drip with Irony and Drool with Insanity

Liberals drip with irony and drool with insanity, and the UNICEF Awards are no exception.

Though the violent demonstrations around the country have lost their funding and thus have all but diminished, Libs still provide a plethora of material to showcase their insanity.

First of all, check out the name of the event:  The UNICEF SNOWFLAKE BALL. That’s really what it is called, I kid you not.

And this year marks the twelfth year of the Snowflake Ball, though snowflakes have been in the making for at least two decades.  Every year fortunate Lefties take part in the UNICEF awards.

At the event, an unassisted Hillary Clinton managed to make it up three steps to the stage. Once there, Hillary is greeted with a woman who kisses the ring. Apparently, this woman didn’t get the memo that Hillary lost the election.

Next, Hillary Clinton explains why she’s been down her rat hole for a bit, then goes back to Liberal 101 Talking Point: “I do it for the KEEDS!”

“Every single child deserves a chance to live up to his or her God-given potential.”

Allow me to quote Hillary between the lines: “Except the children, mostly black, that we kill in the womb.”

God-given? Nice try from the now dethroned leader of the Party that booed God.

So what was the purpose of this event for snowflakes? To give Liberal snowflakes awards, Silly.

Thus, Katy Perry received a Humanitarian Award. No one can figure out why.

According to Look to the Stars, here is a list of the 29 charities Katy Perry “supports.”

Katy Perry has supported the following charities listed on this site:

On one site, they spoke of Perry’s exploits, thusly:

She has contributed to organizations aimed at improving the lives and welfare of children in particular. In April 2013, she joined UNICEF to assist children in Madagascar with education and nutrition.

Katy has done lots of donating, but little actual roll up your sleeves work. She usually accomplishes this by setting aside a small percentage of ticket sales. And her list of “charities” looks more like an audition for the gameshow, “Just How Much Sucking Up to Fricking Liberals Can You Do?!”

During the festivities, of course, Katy’s award was bestowed by the Queen of Accomplishing Nothing, Hillary Clinton. She received the coveted “Audrey Hepburn UNICEF Humanitarian Award.”

Leftists thrive at giving each other useless awards.

Katy Perry, a woman worth millions and who should be living la Vida Loca on the French Riviera receives her worthless chunk of plastic and bursts into tears.

Katy was obviously shocked that Hillary still had the ability to make amazing UNICEF awards happen. After all, Katy earned it shilling for this crooked harlot.

If you can’t actually help crooked Hillary win an election, I guess a worthless award is a good consolation prize.

Moral of the story, little girls: Push your “fake news” boobs in enough Liberals’ faces campaigning for a Democrat, and you too can receive an “award” that says you’re somebody.



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