Another Racist Black Liberal Democrat Exposed on Social Media

If Americans were honest and had any guts, they would admit that black Liberals are the most racist people in the country.

I spill the beans on these racists, because I don’t want to associate with them. They claim that I am the one with the problem, hanging around so-called racist whites. Hopefully, you see the irony.

Case in point: Wes Bellamy.

I grew up believing in the concept of one America. I hung around whites (and all other people), because I don’t think of people in colors. I also don’t like racism in any form, because I considered peoples’ humanity, something most Liberals lack.

So when I discovered a young man named Jason Kessler in Charlottesville, VA who dared confront a black racist named Wes Bellamy, my heart sang.

As Breaking 911 reported,

Wes Bellamy, 30, a high school computer science teacher and a Charlottesville city councilman, was appointed to the state board of education by Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) in March. Brian Coy, McAuliffe’s spokesman, said Wednesday morning that “the governor was horrified by what was reported as having appeared on Mr. Bellamy’s Twitter feed.”
Later Wednesday, Coy released a statement from Bellamy in which he said he is stepping down. Bellamy said he wants “to redirect my attention and focus to my family, the children and young people whom I serve, and to the City of Charlottesville.”
Bellamy did not respond to requests for comment.

Jason Kessler is an author who was upset at the money being spent in the city to cater to the extortion of Wes Bellamy.

Once they gain power, Bellamy then goes business-to-business shaking down solid citizens with the threat of being labeled racists. The white citizens usually pay up in the form of money or contracts, and are then left alone. Bellamy practices race-pimping at its finest.

His racketeering plan was thwarted when Kessler unearthed the tweets and published them in an entry on Nov. 24, calling Bellamy “a blatant black supremacist.”

“In lieu of making headlines for planning Charlottesville highway development, infrastructure and water conservation like other members of city council, it seems that Bellamy has dedicated himself almost exclusively to his Afrocentric racial agenda,” Kessler wrote.

To wit, Kessler criticized Bellamy’s campaign to get a statute of Confederate general Robert E. Lee removed from a local park. The study to remove the statue cost the city $10,000. Kessler argues effectively that the money could be spent on more philanthropic purposes, and not going after historical relics.

Bellamy joined Twitter in April 2009 and has sent out 123,000 tweets to his roughly 3,800 followers. Perhaps the most damning information against Bellamy comes from Bellamy’s Twitter account, which may explain why the account has been made private in recent days.  In a tweet from 2009, Bellamy wrote:


Bellamy denied the many accusations by Kessler. However, the University of Virginia’s student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, followed up on Kessler’s work.

Surprisingly, the students uncovered even more offensive tweets from Wes Bellamy’s account.

In one message from October 2011, Bellamy retweeted “Word,” in response to a description of performing a sex act on a sleeping woman and the comment that “if she moan it ain’t rape.”

Then in January he retweeted a message from another user saying: “this weekend I’ll be on a whitegirl diet.” Bellamy shared the message, then added “a rape charge waiting to happen,” according to the Cavalier Daily. Earlier in January 2012 Bellamy retweeted a gay slur.

In another tweet, according to the Daily, he wrote that white women “smell like future assault charges n deli meat.”

A tweet from 2011 shows that he wrote “I really tune out when white people talk in community meetings. I really need to work on that.”

Wes Bellamy represents the typical black Liberal, except he has a real thirst for power. And he is emboldened by complicit, white-guilt-ridden surrogates, who hang their political aspirations on helping the “silly Negro.”
I believe Jason Kessler deserves an award. And the Tea Party Community joins him in taking down racist Liberals in his town.
Jason can be reached on Twitter @TheMadDimension


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