What Really Happened to Butt-Hurt Liberals in 2016

For butt-hurt Liberals, a lesson lies in the ass-kicking they took on election day. Most of them continue to miss the lesson.

Thus, they dwell in their dens of delusion, as they look for safe spaces that simply don’t exist. I speak of these people often. They are morons with a highly distorted sense of reality.

Therefore, reality kicked twisted their nipples hard on election day. Most of America celebrated their pain, as cashing that reality check was long overdue.

A fan of my radio show sent me a note that I believe showcases what happened to Liberals leading up to the election better than most things I’ve heard or read. Below is his message:

Hi Kevin, today was the first time I heard your show. Thanksgiving! But, I will be trying to listen to you when I can from now on.

I wrote and posted this (see below) to me Facebook two days after the election. When I heard your show, I knew you must be my “brother from another mother”!

America loves an underdog!! But, this is one for the record books! Only in America can you find a multi-billionaire candidate, who was considered to be the “underdog” However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this “Rindercella” story.

Trump didn’t just beat 15 other more qualified and politically seasoned candidates, he crushed them one by one. Attacking him was like calling down Zeus and asking to get zapped!

Melania, knowing exactly what kind of man he was, called this race before it even started. She prophetically told him,

“You should run, and if you do, you’ll win”

He didn’t just take down his competition ladies and gentlemen, he defied the Washington establishment of both parties. He took over the Republican party of wimps, and showed them how to be a prize fighter! He knocked the Democratic “selected, projected and protected” cadidate, to the canvas. Then, topping it all off, he headlocked and hoodwinked the media and Hollywood elites.

Trump was able lasso each a-hole with their own arrogance, ignorance and intolerance! What makes this whole story so completely delectable and savory is how, supposedly the “uneducated white male” vote made him the victor.

Truth. While the spin began amidst the tears of denial, it became obvious that America’s silent majority was fed up with the pussification of their country.

America was sick tired of apologetics as policy, and taking the back seat to left wing radicals, progressives, and third world countries. Enough of the slow economic growth, decline in education, jobs, housing, credit rating and world leader status. Newsweek and Time Magazine have had both Donald Trump and Bruce Jenner as cover stories, but now regards Kaitlin as “Man of the Year.”

America needed a wake-up call !! Maybe that’s just to crude and direct for some, but it’s high time America regained what so many fought, died and worked so hard to accomplish.

Most of these protesters are just the byproduct of a society, that has grown up sucking from the media’s tits and tweets, only to become immature “twits.” The dumbed down milenials can’t understand how the media could get the election so wrong- the dirty little secret is, they never had it right!

They started out against Trump. Mocking him, trying to exploit him, shame him, lecture and convict him. The joke was on them though, because they wound up popularizing someone who basically had a zero to slim chance of winning. They’ve spent years creating idiots who prefer propaganda and popularity over substance- now they’re reaping what they sowed.

The beautiful end to this historical outcome, is that America actually needed someone like Trump, who was falsely portrayed as incompetent. Trump is not beholden to a political party, union, foreign entity, or special interest. The media served him well, as the useful idiots that they’ve become. Trump is an american “phoenix” who made it to the heights of American society, crashed and burned, but then rose to soar once again. Trump is now accountable to We the people!!



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