America’s First Pole Dancing First Lady

Leftists are aflutter with tributes to Michelle Obama, as they compare her to well…Barack.

Both Obama represent Leftist royalty, if not being downright deities.

Like her husband, Michelle Obama evokes the better out of you. Enda Brady of Sky News wrote this of the First Lady:

Michelle Obama's false claims“When you are with her you feel different, the vibe she gives off is amazing, she makes you smile for no reason.”

Gamze Kaplan and the other London schoolgirls who met Michelle Obama in 2009 remember her visit like it was yesterday – and its impact on them has been real and lasting.

And as the First Lady prepares for her last speech before leaving the White House, they recall the day the First Lady walked into a school hall to be greeted by 200 stunned teenage girls.

Everything Michelle Obama wore supposedly “stunned.” If she wore a housecoat and slippers, and had rollers in her hair, the adoring media would have called it “trend-setting.”

The woman who didn’t start appreciating America until her husband was elected certainly soaked up all the accolades.

News One discussed a book being written about Michelle Obama, where 16 authors “love on Michelle Obama.”

Below is a conversation with Chambers on The Meaning of Michelle, which will be published days before our first Black First Family officially leaves the White House.  [Edited for length and clarity.]

MO doing stage danceI love the part, [Edited for length and clarity].

It’s likely they didn’t have enough room on the internet to sing the praises of Michelle Obama at the black-centric News One.

Look, Michelle Obama was First Lady, and she deserves a certain amount of respect. Most Conservatives might have a different feeling about her, had she not essentially admitted that she hated the country. Frankly, most people believe she will go right back to hating at least half the country.

Pole Dancing

But a while back, Michelle Obama did something I believe no First Lady ever did, and that’s mimic pole dancing to a throng of adoring people.

As you view the image, try to guess the ages of the attendees of this event.



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