Bill Maher: Trump Voters Are ‘F*cking Drug Addicts (video)

Bill Maher calls himself a comedian. Admittedly, that sucker has a face that will keep you laughing.

As for real comedy, perhaps in the foul, vile world of Leftist, what Maher does is funny. I don’t find him remotely clever.
bill-maherNevertheless, the Left are twisted. I bet there are even those on the Left who find Maher sexy. After all, while we are distorting reality, let’s go all the way.

Look at this guy! You could land a 767 on his forehead. And if his penis is as big as his nose, then what a blessing, because his “schnoz” is HUGE! Maher seriously looks like a bad prison dream, and he’s wearing make-up.

Oprah Winfrey’s make-up artist said, “Oh HELL No!”, when asked if she could help Maher.

Anyway, as Breitbart reported, the Left’s version of funny (looking) decided to strike out against Trump supporters:

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated, “let’s stop calling Trump voters idiots and fools and call them what they are: f*cking drug addicts.”

Bill Maher is living proof that a Leftist woman will screw a snake, if you hold it steady for her. What an obnoxious guy with absolutely no real talent.
It must be “Sweeps Week,” and Maher needs a few pissed off Conservatives to check out his tired show.

Maher went on to say,

“[L]iberals have to stop calling Trump voters rubes and simpletons, and instead reach out and feel their pain, the pain they insist we didn’t see. And there is ample evidence for that pain. Did you know that of the 14 states with the highest number of painkiller prescriptions per person, they all went for Trump? Trump won 80% of the states that have the biggest heroin problem, and the counties that he won in Ohio and Pennsylvania that went for Obama last time, are the ones that are wracked by opiate abuse. So, let’s stop calling Trump voters idiots and fools and call them what they are: f*cking drug addicts.”

Now there’s certainly scientific evidence that Trump supporters are drug addicts. Ok, I’ll play.

Democrats, ergo Leftists are crackheads. Those morons would let you have sex with their children for a $5 crack rock. And Bill Maher is an 80-year old comedic prostitute. He washes his crack and sells his schtick again in the form of old tired jokes.

So let’s hear a bit more of that stellar “drivel” that Maher believes to be comedy,

“I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but kids, don’t do heroin, it’s a gateway to being a Republican. And the thing that sticks in my craw about this, is that for decades, it was us liberals who were accused of destroying the fabric of society with our drug use.”

Where does he come up with this gut-wrenching, knee-slapping “comedy?”

Half this morons friends and family are crackheads, and the other half are meth heads. Bill Maher’s girlfriends remind me of hockey players. They change clothes after three periods.

Maher later stated,

“I’m not saying, Trump voters, that your pain isn’t real. I mean, it isn’t, but I’m not saying that. Because if this election has taught us anything, it’s that anything is real if enough people believe it is. And the good news is, if the problem is drugs, well, hell, there’s something I can help with. If it’s one thing I know, it’s how to manage a high. I’m doing it right now.”

This filthy swine lives in a delusion. He would do anything to avoid the reality of having voted for the worst president in history. Wouldn’t you want to stay high if you voted for Obama?!

Hell to the yeah!

Bill Maher is living proof that a Leftist woman will screw a snake, if you hold it steady for her. What an obnoxious guy with absolutely no real talent.

HBO renewed Maher

According to TV By the Numbers,

“Real Time With Bill Maher” has been renewed through 2018, HBO announced Saturday at their Television Critics Association summer press tour presentation.

Season 15 is scheduled to air in 2017, and Season 16 is scheduled for 2018. The show is currently averaging 4.4 million viewers and enjoying its most-watched season since the show’s 2003 debut year.

All this says is that HBO won’t allow anybody with real talent near their channel, as they would have to replace Maher. HBO bleeds Leftist blue, which is the only reason they would tolerate a show like this.

Try to get a show that speaks truth about brain-dead morons like Maher, and you get shutdown. That will change soon.

Check out what the HBO president said about Maher.

“Bill Maher’s fearless and irreverent insights make him an important voice of common sense,” said Casey Bloys, president, HBO programming. “We are happy to extend our partnership and continue to provide him with the same uncensored forum that he’s enjoyed on the network since the late ’80s.”

Common sense? On what planet. If I had a show on that network, I’d crush Maher and all the other Leftist hacks with in 3 months. These people have played to the lunatic fringe for far too long.

So laugh at the idiots who voted for Obama. They think they can hide their pain by pretending to laugh as us.

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