Black Democrat Congressman Hangs Anti-Police Painting

Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay from Missouri is a publicity seeking race pimp.

And yet again he’s ringing the financial dinner bell with his latest stunt, I call the Lacy Clay painting.

According to Fox News,

Lacy Clay painting anti-cop-artA controversial painting depicting police as animals during the unrest in Ferguson is hanging in a tunnel leading to the U.S. Capitol. The piece won Missouri Representative Lacy Clay’s annual Congressional Art competition in May. Many are asking for the painting to come down; saying it is disrespectful to police.  Clay says he is not taking the piece down.  He tweets, “The U.S. Capitol is a symbol of freedom, not censorship. The young artist chose his own subject and the painting will not be removed.”

“The painting portrays a colorful landscape of symbolic characters representing social injustice, the tragic events in Ferguson and the lingering elements of inequality in modern American society,” Clay said in a news release last May.

Clay knows this “art” perpetuates the farce of Ferguson. But he doesn’t care. Race pimps like Clay make their living on this type of nonsense.

And they teach this BS to youngsters. The article continues,

The St. Louis American reports that the painting is by high school senior David Pulphus.  Members of Congress put out a call for students to compete in the contest every year.  The winners of the “An Artistic Discovery” competition have their work displayed in the tunnels that connect the House Office Buildings to the U.S. Capitol.  Over 200 members of Congress and over 50,000 high schools students have taken part in the program.

You can bet that students who didn’t praise the thug hero Michael Brown or equal nonsense got no consideration. Those who capitulate have a shot; those who don’t have no chance.

But a chance at what?

The chance to believe that if you go with the flow, you get special recognition? What a lesson we teach our children under Liberalism.

Lacy Clay endangers the lives of black kids and the black community without a care in the world. He covers for his blood money by pretending he cares about the black community.


Look at what Clay has done for Missouri.

Sexual Orientation

During Clay’s previous seventeen years in the state legislature, he authored Missouri’s Hate Crimes Law which included gender, sexual orientation and sexual identity in the criteria of what constitutes a hate crime.

Clay made it clear that he supports the Employment Non-discrimination Act which would make it illegal to discriminate against employees of any sexual orientation, notably LGBT workers. He also noted that he believes that the 33 states that are allowed to fire employees due to sexual orientation are in the wrong.

Clay hates when Republicans go to war

Clay has been a consistent critic of the War in Iraq and was among those who voted against the Iraq War Resolution in 2002. Clay’s NPAT also displays disagreement with elements of the War on Drugs.

Clay added his name as cosponsor to a bill calling for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney, House Resolution 333.

Clay contested Bush’s election and Bush’s emergency funding act

He was one of the 31 members in the U.S. House of Representatives who voted not to count the electoral votes from Ohio in the 2004 presidential election.

Lacy Clay voted against the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

Clay supported Obama printing “fake” money

Clay is a supporter of the Federal Reserve’s program of quantitative easing and claims that it has led to economic recovery since the financial crisis of 2008.

So if you are a gay, anti-Bush/Cheney, Obama-loving, cop-hating welfare recipient, then Clay is the congressman for you.

Did Clay bring more jobs to blacks in his district in Missouri?

Anybody want to guess if the crime rate is higher or lower in Clay’s district? More or less businesses?

Lacy Clay milks Ferguson simply to remain in office. And of all the congressman, he needs the job, as the guy has a net worth of $32,000. This man epitomizes losing, and he has no ability to think cognitively.



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