Bottom-Feeding Skank Suing Trump for Defamation

Who does the Left think Donald Trump is…Bill Clinton?

From now on, any allegations lobbed at President-elect Trump should be greeted with: the Russians hacked me.

Yes, the very same Russians who hacked Hillary and ruined her campaign are apparently up to their shenanigans.

In the fictional Russian “Who done it, Part Two,” Summer Zervous claimed a while back that Trump sexually assaulted her.

Zervous was a contestant on The Apprentice. Do I need to tell you that she lost?

Years later Zervous would return to see Trump, to ask for work. If we are to believe her allegations, you must believe that Zervous returned to see the man who assaulted her to ask for a job.

Trump created a woman scorned when he failed to give the money-grubbing skank what she wanted. So Zervous disappeared into the woodwork for a bit.

However, when Trump declared his run for the presidency, Zervous saw an opportunity to cash in. She suddenly remembered the sting of rejection.

Enter Gloria Allred. Feminist, attorney and self-made court jester.

zervous-and-allredAllred is a bottom-feeder who defends people who create a media stir. Two of Allred’s clients are Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriends: nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel and porn star Joslyn James.

Allred has been ambulance chasing behind the Trump campaign for quite a while now. She convinces women to seek their five minutes of fame at the most inopportune times for the innocent quarry. Thus Zervous’ last ditch effort to ruin the solemness of an inauguration.

As The Daily Beast reported,

With three days to go before his inauguration, Donald Trump is being sued for defamation by a woman who accused him of sexually inappropriate conduct, according to attorney-to-the-stars Gloria Allred, who announced the lawsuit at a press conference this afternoon.

Like every other claim against Trump, the timing is suspect. If Zervous’ claims were merited, why would she and Allred have sat on them so long?

This second rate sequel starring Allred and Zervous is no better than the original. In what looks like re-runs of “Hillary Clinton Gone Wild,” the Leftist retread the tired old narratives, and took the ramshackle jalopy out for another spin. Unfortunately it was the same old ride.

What’s next? Is Rosie O’Donnell planning to show up at the Inaugural Ball and claim Trump blew her deal with Victoria’s Secret?



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