Campus Security Takes New Twist

On many college campuses, the concept of security has morphed into the absurd.

Students no longer want to feel safe from crime. Now they want to feel safe from anything they don’t want to do. Parking tickets, student loans, final exams- this is what nightmares are made of.

Back in my day, college students worried about getting jobs after graduation. This is because Mom and Dad already converted our rooms into yoga studios or home offices. Parents made sure children didn’t perceive Mom’s and Dad’s home as a revolving door back to childhood. However, these days, the basement awaits the moochers.

Ironically, college students have no fear of what they should fear.

In a recent Campus Reform video, Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey interviewed George Washington University students about safety and students’ need for campus security. The students featured in the video were very much in favor of their campus becoming a “sanctuary campus.”

Students welcomed law-breakers soaking up taxpayer money on their campus.

sanctuary-campusDisturbingly, these snowflake have practically no information about the undocumented law-breakers living among them.

Are they merely “Dreamers” chasing an education, caught in purgatory because their illegal parents misused the 14th Amendment? Or are they terrorists sent to disrupt with their anti-America, pro-stupidity messages?

Yet, GWU students wanted the “undocumented’ students to feel protected. Protected from the law, that is.

Forget ISIS; laws are the real threat to National Security

This is what sanctuary cities and campuses do: they protect those here illegally from federal law. They also protect those administrators and faculty who ignore the law. In the clip you will see Phillips ask one student, “What about a sanctuary campus where student loan laws don’t affect you here?” The young man replies, “That’d be cool!”

Really? Why stop there? Why not allow underage drinking and prostitution on campus?

Hey, we can do more than disregard the laws, we can forget about the reason we go to college: to get an education.

Who needs an education when you can base all of your decisions on things people make up on television and the Internet? While we’re at it, let’s throw out final exams and parking tickets. They’re simply too stressful for students to deal with. Believe it or not, these were all suggestions made or agreed upon by those students interviewed at GWU. Students whose stress levels have reached epic proportions since Trump was elected, according to one student’s on-camera statements.

Here’s a tip for Millennials:

sanctuary-campus-2College is not supposed to be a 4-year sleepover with puppies, safe spaces, and crayon parties. College hones thinking abilities. Attendees, aka former young adults learn job skills. College transitions young adults into the real world of adulthood, or it used to anyway.

A few decades ago, most “Millennials” were married with children. They ran farms, and worked in factories. Some old-school Millennials dared to start their own businesses.

When a perceived “catastrophe” hit, they just worked harder and pushed through it. They didn’t shut down and require therapy and a safe space for their feelings to be validated before they could function again. Decades ago, 18-year-old were expected to act like adults.

Laws aren’t in place to burden us, they’re designed to protect us. In the skewed minds of these agenda-fed students, debt is scary, laws are a threat; and illegals don’t kill, guns do.


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