CNN Anchor Says Chicago Torture Was Bad Parenting

One CNN anchor took a break from doing “shots” and getting piercings on national TV to let us know that Black Torturers Matter.

Don Lemon doesn’t seem to care that  in the Chicago torture, four “children” tortured a developmentally delayed man. Since we are discussing Leftists, let’s colorize the scenario.

Four black thugs who were far from being kids tortured a young white man for at least 30 minutes. However, there doesn’t appear to be much of a reason for the torture except I did mention the victim was white.

At about the 1:00 mark, Don Lemon opines,

“I don’t think this is evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”

Perhaps Lemon IS still drunk from his New Year’s Eve partying.

Not evil? Home training?

Oh these kids got home training, but the question is from what home?

These latchkey bastards have been trained in brutality by Leftists. And now, these “young people” now represent the epitome of evil. There are few things more dangerous than the black teenager, particularly males.

These “young people” kidnapped a young man, then tortured him relentlessly. While doing so, they yelled, “F*** white people” and “F*** Trump.” They then dehumanized him, making him kiss the ground and say, “I love black people.”

But according to Lemon, they are not evil, just misguided.

Ok, I’ll bite. Who misguided them? Donald Trump?

Or perhaps Al Sharpton? Barack Obama?

Does bad parenting make for bad kids?

Best-selling novelist Dave Pelzer wrote “A Child Called It.” In the book told the true story of how he was constantly beaten, starved, and tortured. However, he turned out ok.

Jim Carrey’s family was homeless and lived in a van when he started supporting them at the age of 16. How’s that for home training? Yet, Carrey has done quite well for himself.

Let’s colorize home training, as Nickie Minaj’s father was a cocaine addict who tried to burn their house down to kill her mother. Let’s hope Minaj doesn’t kidnap and torture any white people any time soon.

For some, bad parenting creates resolve; resolve to never be a bad parent, or a bad person. But not for these four monsters.

Obama finally weighed in. As usual, he didn’t disappoint on just how detached he is from reality.

This moron actually says that “for the most part, race relations have gotten better.”

Obama goes on to say that technology allows us to see the terrible toll racism and hate has taken on families and communities. It’s technology that has opened our eyes to racism?

No, it’s the constant drone of racism by Leftists that have closed our eyes to racism. White against black racism is screamed incessantly, while in your face black racism is practically ignored.

All one has to do to put this torture incident in perspective is to ask what Obama would have commented had the four attackers been white, and the victim black.


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