CNN Update: Trump Inauguration Crowd Bigger Than Obama’s

CNN Quietly Releases Updated Pic Showing Trump’s Inaugural Crowd Size Greater than Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Crowd

As we pointed out throughout the months leading up to the election, crowd size matters.  President Trump was crushing Hillary Clinton in number of rallies and number of participants at his rallies when compared to Clinton.

We knew we were on the verge of a revolution! We had latched on to the right guy.

Donald Trump would cancel venues in order to move to larger venues. The media said that was his ego talking. The continued to ridicule him, as it well-documented how many people proclaimed that Trump would never be president.

Once the numbers were verified, the media downplayed the importance of the big rallies. Most said that big crowds didn’t translate to big numbers at the ballot box.

So 63 million people voted to elect Trump, perhaps the biggest dark horse in history. Now we are told he couldn’t bring a crowd?

That’s how CNN originally reported Trump’s crowd (in pictures) at inauguration.

CNN (Fake News) reported that President Trump’s crowd size was much smaller than President Obama’s crowd size in 2009, and CNN provided two pictures to show the difference.

They showed the crowd who was still trying to get through the Secret Service gauntlet 3 hours before the actual event was to occur.

real-trump-crowdTrump Press Secretary Sean Spicer pointed this out in a special press conference, only to highlight the lies of the media. Spicer showed that Trump’s crowd was significant, and likely as substantial as Obama’s crowd in 2009.

In the CNN article claims were made that the Obama crowd contained 1.8 million people in 2009. However, now those numbers are being reported as closer to 800,000.

CNN finally released a gigapixel of President Trump’s Inauguration that refutes their earlier false news narrative.

In the end crowd size won’t matter. The real issue will be who was the better president, and there will be no debate on that. Trump has already begun preparing the Obama legacy in a footnote:

Obama–the first black president. That’s it.

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