Conservative Commentator Calls DC Residents Militant and Aggressive

Pop culture TV news magazine, TMZ  shocked viewers recently by telling the truth about a Conservative.

Conservative political commentator, Tomi Lahren spends her days proving conservative views are essential to progress in America. Her ability to outsmart Obama and his supporters quickly made her a target of vitriolic intolerant Leftists. I apologize for the redundancy.

Since the media is still consumed with numbers of people who attended President Trump’s inauguration, in an interview on TMZ, Lahren proposed answers as to why Trump inauguration numbers might have felt a little flat.

“Here’s the problem, it was not a hospitable environment for Trump supporters. I saw so many Trump supporters  that were afraid to say they were going to the inauguration because the loving left, which is actually the unloving and intolerant left, were attacking Trump supporters.”

Ahhh, the loving Left. That must be the same “love” Madonna was using when she thought about blowing up the White House.

Lahren goes on to explain how Leftists have eroded D.C.

Lahren lamented, that once Leftists recognized her from her show on The Blaze, she felt imminent danger.

Lahren makes it clear, that all the Left drivel about love and tolerance is nothing more than lip service. Leftist have physically beaten supporters of President Trump.

Lahren found herself in similar danger, as she explained what happened in a cab ride, while she visited DC.

I had folks with the black power symbol on the back of their hoodies, track me down, try to pound on my cab door, jump on the hood of my cab, and try to bust the windshield out because they recognized who I was.”

“The peaceful protestors were vowing to beat my a$$!”

More destruction of property and more bullying.

Why were people trying to trample Lahren? Had she walked around DC with a hat displaying Trump genitalia? Had she provoked the animals in DC in any way? No.

Lahren was on her way to the ball and the Left turned into Cinderella’s wicked step-sisters.

With Leftists, it could have been far worse and for far less. When they win, they are happy. When they lose, they are barbaric.

Follow mindless group-think or else! And you wonder why it’s so difficult to break away from their cult…

Moreover, their ideas are pure lunacy, their friends are not real. Their own families can’t stand them for the most part. Leftists are miserable people, who believe the world owes them. Everything represents an opportunity.

Lahren characterized the majority of people she encountered as “militant, aggressive and abrasive“.

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