Consumer Confidence; Trump Polls Yuuge

In case you live under a rock or have fallen prey to the Liberal “fake news” narrative, Trump caused an economic explosion.

Gone are the days when Leftist warned of impending doom if Trump was elected. Because the reality Trump, ergo competency has proven otherwise.

The stock market continues to flirt with record highs, and it’s clear the market will establish that high soon. Moreover, Barack Obama’s departure from and Trump’s entry to the Oval Office has raised morale within the good ol’ USA.

As Conservative Read reports,

American consumers are the sunniest they’ve been in more than 15 years.

The Conference Board said Tuesday that its consumer confidence index climbed to 113.7 in December, up from 109.4 in November and the highest since it reached 114 in August 2001.

The index measures consumers’ assessment of current conditions, which dipped from November but was still very positive, and their expectations for the future, which hit a high.

Just so we are clear, these are numbers Barack Obama never experienced. And given another millennium, he never would.

The Director of economic indicators at the Conference Board Lynn Franco said the “post-election surge in optimism” was strongest among Americans who were older. Likely because older people actually remember the good times, and not the “fake news” economic news promoted by Obama.

Trump didn’t hold back in rewarding himself for the report, as he should.

Later on Tuesday, Trump thanked himself for the consumer confidence surge. He took to Twitter to note that the numbers of confidence levels are the highest the index has climbed in more than 15 years. Trump added, “Thanks Donald!”

Most Republicans would have allowed Obama to attempt to take credit, but not Trump. Because Obama feared a Twitter battle with Trump, he likely abstained from spiking the football.

Here’s the Obama spin on the news:

The U.S. economy grew at a 3.5 percent annual pace from July to September, fastest in two years. Unemployment is at a nine-year low of 4.6 percent. Employers have added 180,000 jobs a month this year, down from an average 229,000 in 2015 but still solid.

There are lies, lies, and then there are damn lies.

Undoubtedly working, taxpaying Americans relish the idea of a Trump presidency.

“The election of Donald Trump has raised household expectations for the economy to a very high level,” Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities, wrote in a research note. “It remains to be seen whether Trump can deliver,” but the burst in confidence could drive consumer spending higher.

Can he deliver? Psst. He already has delivered. The only question is how much more can he deliver?

I haven’t seen the shopping malls so busy, than this holiday season. If the post-Christmas shopping is any indication, this may be one of the best quarters in 8 years. And I hasten to repeat, the retail exuberance has nothing to do with Obama, unless you factor is his departure as president.

Congratulations to Donald Trump for already setting a new record, post-election, and giving Americans true hope. What we know for sure is President Trump will have to bring his own magic wands. Obama certainly didn’t have any to leave behind.


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