DISGUSTING! ABC Airs Promo For Show About President Assassinated During Interview With President Trump (Video

How’s this for “wishful thinking” by Leftists? Any moron person believe this little faux pas was by accident?

If somebody did this during an interview with Obama, infidel heads would rightly roll.

But our new president is a Republican white man. So, no harm no foul.

Truth be told, the Left wish President Trump were dead.

Remember when Michael Moore intimated that strange things could happen between the transition period and Trump’s swearing in?

As reported in Zero Hedge,

Appearing on Late Night With Seth Myers, Moore continually emphasized the point that Hillary won the popular vote, using that reasoning to argue that Trump’s presidency was illegitimate.

“He’s not president of the United States yet, he’s not president ‘til noon on January 20th of 2017,” said Moore as the liberal audience applauded.

“That’s more than six weeks away. Would you not agree, regardless what side of the political fence you’re on, this has been the craziest election year. Nothing anyone predicted has happened — the opposite has happened. So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks, something else might happen — something crazy, something we’re not expecting?” added Moore.

Even people bound by law to vote for Trump received death threats.

Moore alluded to the potential for members of the electoral college to change their vote, but this is such a long shot it has virtually no chance of overturning the election result.

Thinking? If you can’t get to Trump, then get to the source of his potential (and eventual) power.

The clip promoted episode 11 of the ABC show Designated Survivor. In the show, Kiefer Sutherland plays an obscure cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address.”

The scene shows the fictional president attending the swearing in of a Congressman before a gunshot is heard. Panic ensues, as one might expect.

The commercial provokes many questions of the viewer:

“Who took the bullet?” questions the actor in the promo, as the scene cuts to a hospital where surgeons operate on the victim.

Then comes what’s called, the “cliffhanger.” This is the part that’s meant to get you to watch the show. It literally leaves you hanging.

But you can bet if Obama were being interviewed, the network would have run some “feel good” ObamaCare commercial, or a shot of him being softball interviewed by some late night comedic hack.

Spoiler alert: the cliffhanger implies that it was the president who “took the bullet.”

People worried about Barack Obama being shot. He insured his longevity selecting Biden. Trump has no such recourse as he hires only the competent.



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