Donald Trump’s Team Schools Media Lapdogs

In Sean Spicer’s first presser in his official role, he represented all frustrated fathers as he laid down the law to the media.

Spicer informed the press of their actions,

The default narrative is always negative and it’s demoralizing.

He acknowledged there will be mistakes along the way. Spicer then added, “When we’re right, say we’re right.”

Day One, and Spicer has already exhausted his patience with the media. Hopefully he was prepared for this feeling.

So what might the media have focused on?

Well, let’s begin with the 1.3 million jobs Trump saved or created? Any mention of the meeting President Trump held with American titans of industry?

These business leaders left the meeting as if they have come from a lavish spa in Gstaad.

And what of the President-elect Trump’s meeting with Silicon Valley Tech giants?


As the anti-Trump reporter on Wall Street explained, “Trump is making the right moves.” He just didn’t like his style.

The Left isn’t sure how to take a President who doesn’t talk, but acts.

Anybody remember what Obama did Day One in office? Not likely, so here’s a reminder.

During what was described as one of the worst recessions in America’s history, Obama took a bold step. Obama enacted a pay freeze for senior White House staff making more than $100,000 per year. The action affected approximately 120 staffers and added up to roughly a $443,000 savings for the Fed.

Yes, Obama saved a whopping HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, if you round up! Trump did that by donating his salary to the Treasury.

Think Trump would get credit for keeping his word to withdrawal the US from the Pacific Rim Trade Agreement?

The media commented, “Congress didn’t like the deal anyway.”

And neither did the Teamsters. What will the Democrats do, if they lose the unions?

Teamsters praised Trump’s move to withdraw from TPP. Is THAT not media “red meat” or what?!

Despite the media’s twist on reality, Trump is hitting homeruns like Barry Bonds.

Who’s ready for Day Two?

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