Leftist Angry at Eric Trump for Raising $16 Million For Children at St Jude

The Left wants to ensure there won’t be any conflicts of interest for President Trump.

So they complain when he raises money to help children at St. Jude. Can’t go letting President Trump get credit for helping children, now can they?

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital specializes in prevention of disease and advance cures for pediatric catastrophic diseases. These kids battle rare forms of cancer and other unnamed diseases. The children end up at St. Jude’s as a last resort.

No family treated at St. Jude’s ever receives a bill. But the money comes from somewhere.

Much of the financing of the efforts of St. Jude’s comes from the thousands of small donations families make and small businesses make. And then there are people like Eric Trump.

Trump reportedly helped raise over $16 million for St. Jude’s spanning the past decade.

According to the New York Times:  The following letter was sent to Eric Trump:

“I am amazed by the many ways that you have personally embraced our cause and cared for our children and families,” Richard C. Shadyac Jr., president of the hospital’s fund-raising organization, wrote in the Dec. 30 letter, “As you are aware, we are expanding our lifesaving work and are working to push cure rates even higher in this country and around the world, while improving the lives of survivors by developing and advancing treatments that reduce side effects. We are only able to do this because of the support provided by donors and supporters like you.”

and when the President-elect tweeted that it is a shame his son will have to discontinue his exemplary fund-raising service, the Left set out to disprove the facts.

St. Jude issued a statement that showed Trump raised more than he took credit for, but I’m sure the Left still isn’t satisfied.

In his email this week, Mr. Trump said he would “continue to be a vocal advocate for pediatric cancer and St. Jude’s mission.”

Meanwhile our friends on the Left will keep wasting their time trying to disprove the facts.

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