“Screw Our President” Bonfire Boy Son of Hollyweirdo (Video)

The identity of the boy who went viral after claiming he started a bonfire during an anti-President Donald Trump rally and said “screw our president” has been revealed (video below).

Recall the incident happened the night before Trump’s inauguration. 

A reporter was covering a protest in Washington, D.C., when he approached a young boy who claimed to have started a fire.

So let’s look at what we really witnessed.

First, a 10-year old kid was alone and unsupervised.
Now before you go all “Leftard” on my, remember we are NOT talking about a 10-year old kid meandering around, asking people, “Have you seen my parents?”, or trying to find his way to a police station.
No, this miscreant doesn’t give a crap where his parents are. Which brings me to my next point.
This miscreant is a pyromaniac. Setting fires is one of the signs of a serial killer! And this kid ditched his parents, and is looking for trouble. He found trouble by starting a bonfire.

Who does this? Fricking future SERIAL KILLERS, Connor Carey.

When the little demon was discovered, he identified himself as Connor. Not Connor Carey, but just Connor. That’s what criminals do on Cops. They give you as little information as possible.
The reporter asked Connor why he started the fire. “Connor” responded,
“Because I felt like it, and because I’m just saying, ‘Screw our president!’
In my household growing up, starting fires or doing anything bad, “because I felt like it” was cause for a Level 10 ass-whooping. I hasten to add, that’s exactly what Connor deserved. At the very least the Secret Service should have put the fear of God in this degenerate.
As it turns out, Connor is Connor Carey, son of Drew Carey. As for why Connor Carey started the fire, TMZ reported that a source close to Drew said the kid got caught up in the emotions of the people around him that night.
So this future serial killer get “caught up in emotion?” He’s a walking time-bomb.
I love what TMZ said the source added. He or she said that “the actor and the boy’s mother were not happy about the language he used with the reporter.”
Really? That’s what the parents were upset about?
As you can see the Careys are up for Hollywood Parents of the Year. But the story gets better.

The source said Connor “regretted his choice of words” after speaking with his parents. A photographer for TMZ ran into Drew that night at the rally. He reportedly had no idea his son was starting a fire and taking interviews.

These parents had no idea where their kids was. They find out that he’s setting fires and talking smack about the president, and the thing that bothers them the most is his LANGUAGE!?

Katie Rich said that Barron Trump would grow up to be a mass shooter?

I suggest she look a bit closer to home. Like Connor Carey in Hollyweird.



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