Philly: Female Police Officer Pummels Teen Who Hit Her

I can only imagine what this police officer has seen.

A black female cop. A woman doing what traditionally has been a “man’s” job. Now she wears the uniform of black oppression.

She’s no longer black, she’s become blue.

Don’t think because she’s a woman, she gets the easy job. Philly PD likely matched her with a seasoned male partner, black as well. Together they hit the mean streets, but again not as blacks, but as the enemy of blacks.
Just so we’re clear, the mean streets are not located in suburbia. In suburbia are the “clean streets.” The means streets mark the inner city.

The mean streets are run by a shot-caller. He’s the drug dealer who runs a territory, his turf. The shot-caller reports to a black politician who controls the ward or area, like an alderman or city councilman.
He or she reports to a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, as one of these clowns always maintain federal control of the plantations. Black neighborhoods run much like Indian reservations. The Fed allows autonomy, but maintains some authority, should things get out of hand. Usually the shot-caller can maintain control, with the help of legit law-enforcement from time to timem
The shot-caller also reports dotted-line subjugation to the mayor of the city. That mayor will undoubtedly be a Democrat, and potentially is a black Democrat.
The attorney general will be a Democrat, and could be black as well.

In short, the power structure that governs this black female cop’s life is full of Democrats, many of whom are black Democrats.

She likely voted Democrat. Her family certainly did. And now she faces a dilemma.
As she confronted the young girl, likely a young girl who reminded her of herself, she forgot her training. Instinct kicked in.
Survival on the street means don’t get punked. Punks get owned, thus she wouldn’t be punked.

However, cops have a different standard. They can’t react with “street.” Doing so could be a career ending move, though not doing so could be a life-ending move.

Check out this get-together among #BlackLivesMatter.

Nevertheless, the political climate called for her to err on the side of caution; not for her, but for the Democrats.
The Democrats do not have her back. Her actions will likely cost the city lots of money, as her retaliation was caught on tape.
In this scenario, the teenager was later charged with assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct. However in the typical disclaimer, we learn that the Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the incident.


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