Former Hillary Clinton Latino Lover Now Fixated With Trump

Five months ago when Trump met with the Mexican President, President and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), Javier Palomarez called Trump a “payaso.”

Latino voteFor those of you who haven’t learned America’s premier language, that translates to “clown.”

Palomarez went on to predict that Trump would never gain Latino support or make it to the White House. Palmorez went on to the unprecedented move of endorsing Hillary Clinton:

The Trump campaign “has gone from frankly something that was entertaining, comical, and has devolved into something that is frankly scary,” said Javier Palomarez, the chamber president and chief executive officer.

I can’t speak to the Latino support, but we know about the rest of the prediction. Apparently the Latino lobby and race-baiting terrorist weren’t as strong as Palomarez thought.

Now Palomarez dines on taco filled with crow meat. On the new President-elect, Palomarez commented to BuzzFeed News:

Our association is going to respect the process and respect the will of the people. We’re going to do everything we can to help the new administration move this country forward,’  ‘I’m very enthused and encouraged by the progress thus far.’

Cancel the zapatos de payaso (clown shoes).

Winning changes everything, apparently. Post-election, Palomarez has decided it’s much smarter to find a seat at the table than to dish out meaningless threats. So now he takes on his new role as adviser to the National Diversity Coalition, part of Trump’s transition team.

According to Palomarez, he will now try to aid Trump in creating a plan that tightens American security. Trump in return must recognize the contribution Latino’s make to our economy and culture.

United Nations trump-in-meetingHoly guacamole, let’s hope Palomarez studies up on what Trump does, correction, did for a living? When you are a builder, your second job is hiring Latinos.

Not surprising, Trump agrees with Palomarez that Latinos are vital in agriculture, hospitality and technology. In fact, Latinos are vital as just plain old human beings. Whether they are picking fruit or revolutionizing the semiconductor industry, America loves and appreciates our citizens of Latino origin. Outside of racist Democrats who historically have plotted against all immigrants, including white ones, most Americans have enjoyed being part of the most multicultural nation on the planet.

So what changed Palmorez’ mind, outside of watching Trump pile drive Hillary Clinton?

According to him, the appointments of Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy and Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin were cited as integral factors in developing his belief in the Trump Administration. Palmorez believes Perry and Mnuchin could help the 4.2 million small businesses that comprise the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce membership.

Palomarez will retain his position as the President and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) as he takes on the added responsibilities in the Trump transition.

It’s nice to see Trump show bi-partisanship where it counts…with capitalists.

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