Good Riddance: Thanks for Nothing Barack Obama

I watched painstakingly as Barack Obama gave his final (Thank you, Jesus!) speech to the American public as president of the United States.

obama-global-warming-endThe speech presented an orgy of self-congratulatory adornment, as Obama spun his failures into successes. You do know that he killed Osama bin Laden, right?

The event may have had the pageantry of something amazing, however for most Americans it was the same old same old.

Obama wrote the speech himself, we were told. I believe it; the speech sucked. At one point I felt they needed to light the applause sign in order to get even him most ardent ObamaBots to know when to clap.

And the contradictions in his ideas showcased just how obtuse the man is.

The contradiction that sticks out most came at his almost hour long closing (it certainly felt that way). He said the most important political office role in America is that of citizen. Citizen!

The man who allows illegals to flood our borders dares to tell the citizens who complain about it, that we need to just lay back and enjoy the assault.

Further, Obama and all other brain-dead morons known as Leftists constantly tell Americans that we need to be accepting of all cultures, particularly brown cultures.

Memo to morons: America has ALWAYS been accepting to all cultures. I’ve written a bit of poetry for them:

Look around, you’ll see the brown!

Obama attempted to remind his people–“brown and black folks”–that even white people need a little love. He mentioned that the Irish were persecuted when they arrived in America. However, Obama quickly segued back to the real lesson–white people need to be more understanding of people of color, because America is being browned.

obama-godSo get used to it, right? NOT!

What Obama failed to mention is those very white Irish who were beaten down and oppressed in America came here LEGALLY! Thus they had reason to complain.

Further, Obama conveniently omitted that “brown” countries pretty much suck!

I know that may hurt the sensibilities of meddling white racist Democrats and a few black and brown people, but the truth shall set you free.

How many of the sanctimonious, Trump-hating celebrities left for Guatemala? Or anywhere in Central America? You can count the number of white self-righteous lying celebrity skanks on one hand who moved to The Dark Continent. Exactly ZERO.

Hell, those pinheads didn’t even want to live in the fast-browning Sweden.

I say to them, Donald Trump is your president, and you should be grateful for that. Because 8 years of idol-worship got this country nowhere.

Black Leftists will be outraged that I speak ill of their god, but frankly I don’t give a crap. These are the very people who gave us the Wrath of Con, as in con man. It’s time somebody spoke truth to “victim,” as opposed to truth to power.

Black Leftists created Obama, as if they conjured him up from bad juju. They stick with him, despite his meager accomplishments for blacks. Apparently these people need Obama to feel better about themselves, and to love America.

Well they may need that boost of “false hope” confidence, but America wasn’t built on pretty words and weak asses. This country was built on the backs of great people, willing to fight with all their might to make it great.

Thankfully we get the opportunity to make it great again. So “Good riddance!” to Obama.

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