Libs SCRAMBLING After Seeing OBAMA’S Role in Trump’s “Muslim Ban”

The Libs were quick to jump on Trump, as they hate everything the new president does.

If only Trump were black and a Democrats.
The Leftists called President Trump’s action that temporarily banned  immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries as a “Muslim ban.”

Sean Spicer Trump's muslim banBut as Sean Spicer, the Trump administration press secretary pointed out, these countries were originally flagged by former President Barack Obama.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Sunday defended President Donald Trump’s latest executive order on immigration and refugee vetting, arguing the Obama administration originally flagged the seven “countries of particular concern.”

“The Obama administration put these first and foremost,” Spicer told ABC’s “This Week.”

As they say in the vernacular: Oh SNAP!

Leftards too quick to jump on Trump now have to justify their over-reaction on the very same policy of their black god.

Spicer continued,

In February of 2016, the Obama Administration added Libya, Yemen and Somalia to a list of “countries of concern” with respect to its visa waiver program.

Was Obama too being “Islamophobic” in pointing out the greater danger from these countries? Or was he responding to the threat level being given to him by the Department of Homeland Security.

You can bet that Obama reacted late, as we already know the carnage by Muslims in America. Despite Obama’s declaration that we haven’t had any attacks by foreign Muslims, which of course is total BS.

And what this revelation by Spicer, where he noted the other Muslim-majority countries not included in the ban.

“There’s 46 Muslim-majority countries that are not in this seven,” he said.

In other words, the majority of Muslims are not impacted at all. Interesting that of the 130 million Muslims the Left claim are affected by the ban, that means over ONE BILLION ARE NOT!

Far be it for me to help Leftists with anything, but I will do the math for them. With an overwhelming majority of Muslims already living in America, and even more eligible to come, the math is IN!

The move by President Trump, the very same move done by Barack “Love Me Some Muslims” Obama is hardly a ban on Muslims.

What we need to ban is stupid Leftists, who constantly get their g-strings too far up their cracks.

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