Hillary Clinton’s Legacy: Drunk White Women

While women die in big cities in record numbers from all forms of violence, the Washington Post has uncovered something more salacious for small-town America women.

hillary-clinton-drinking-3According to this report, small-town women are less concerned with “death by illegal,” for example, than they are death by alcohol. Will this be Hillary Clinton’s legacy? Or will it be Amy Schumer’s?

The article is titled: UNNATURAL CAUSES | SICK AND DYING IN SMALL-TOWN AMERICA: Since the turn of this century, death rates have risen for whites in midlife, particularly women. In this series, The Washington Post is exploring this trend and the forces driving it.

The ads started popping up about a decade ago on social media. Instead of selling alcohol with sex and romance, these ads had an edgier theme: Harried mothers chugging wine to cope with everyday stress. Women embracing quart-sized bottles of whiskey, and bellying up to bars to knock back vodka shots with men.

In this new strain of advertising, women’s liberation equaled heavy drinking, and alcohol researchers say it both heralded and promoted a profound cultural shift: Women in America are drinking far more, and far more frequently, than their mothers or grandmothers did, and alcohol consumption is killing them in record numbers.

Why should women be exposed to alcohol and all the dangers therein? Because the women’s movement said that women can get just as drunk and out of control as men.

The Women’s Movement: Making women men since 1940s. – Kevin Jackson

I love the next part, as alcohol goes racist; but in a good way for Liberals.

White women are particularly likely to drink dangerously, with more than a quarter drinking multiple times a week and the share of binge drinking up 40 percent since 1999, according to a Washington Post analysis of federal health data. In 2013, more than a million women of all races wound up in emergency rooms as a result of heavy drinking, with women in middle age most likely to suffer severe intoxication.

What’s up white (Liberal) women? Feeling guilty about too much privilege. No wait…Liberal woman now lament the hardships of facing life as a man?

This is a man’s world. – James Brown

James Brown song notwithstanding, things get worse for white women as the report suggests.

This behavior has contributed to a startling increase in early mortality. The rate of alcohol-related deaths for white women ages 35 to 54 has more than doubled since 1999, according to The Post analysis, accounting for 8 percent of deaths in this age group in 2015.

“It is a looming health crisis,” said Katherine M. Keyes, an alcohol researcher at Columbia University.

That’s right. Not only is alcohol is a misogynist, it will kill you. Alcohol: the abusive partner.

Then we get to the heart of the matter. Does alcohol pose dangers or benefits?

Although independent researchers are increasingly convinced that any amount of alcohol poses serious health risks, American women are still receiving mixed messages. Parts of the federal government continue to advance the idea that moderate drinking may be good for you. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a division of the National Institutes of Health, is overseeing a new $100 million study, largely funded by the alcohol industry, that seeks to test the possible health benefits of moderate drinking.

That’s the $100 million question, being paid for by the alcohol industry. I wonder what the conclusion will be?

But the real question is who do we blame for this scourge on women?

amy-schumer-with-wineMeanwhile, many ads for alcohol – particularly on social media – appear to promote excessive drinking, which is universally recognized as potentially deadly. These ads also appear to violate the industry’s code of ethics, according to a Post analysis of alcohol marketing.

For example, when girl-power heroine Amy Schumer guzzled Bandit boxed wine in the movie “Trainwreck,” Bandit’s producer, Trinchero Family Estates, promoted the scene on social media. Young women responded with photos of themselves chugging Bandit. Within months, Trinchero said, sales of boxed wines – sometimes called “binge in a box” – jumped 22 percent.

“We saw it first with tobacco, marketing it to women as their right to smoke. Then we saw lung cancer deaths surpass deaths from breast cancer,” said Rear Adm. Susan Blumenthal, a former U.S. assistant surgeon general and an expert on women’s health issues. “Now it’s happening with alcohol, and it’s become an equal rights tragedy.”

Interestingly, the story has now gone from alcohol killing “small town America” white women, to just being about women. And Liberals poster child for women’s liberation, Amy Schumer is the culprit.



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