Hypocrite Alert: London’s Ring of Steel to Protect Elites

Brits apparently believe that allowing the Islamization of London proves how multicultural they are. The second most multicultural country on the planet needs to prove it.

But now the British elite may have recognized the error of their ways, so they have proposed a novel idea. Build a wall, aka a ring of steel.

As the UK Sun reported,

A number of new skyscrapers which are to be built in the City are seen as particularly vulnerable to a lorry bomb attack, the Evening Standard has reported.

Counter-terror specialists have put together plans for a secure cordon which would seal off key routes to Undershaft, St Mary Axe and Leadenhall Street and limit traffic access without having the need for vetting by security.

Police and intelligence agencies are reviewing security for all landmark buildings and public events in light of what happened in Berlin on Monday.

muslim-bombings-khobar-towers I’m not one to cast aspersions–ok, I am–but generally speaking Muslims attack buildings. 

Wait…wait…I know America had our anecdotal Timothy McVeigh. However, generally speaking, white guys don’t attack buildings.

Here’s a bit more proof.

White men who look like Timothy McVeigh (with bad teeth) have lived in London for…well, since London was founded. Not many buildings were blown up, even when the mean-spirited Irish visited.

Then Londoners felt the need to bring in more Muslims. Then they elected a Muslim mayor. Now suddenly they want to put a ring of steel around their buildings. If only New York had thought of that?

The article continues,

Simon Glyn, director of built environment for the City of London Corporation said: “The scale of these developments requires much greater levels of security than can be delivered on a site-by-site basis and an area-wide solution is recommended.”

The scheme is subject to consultation but if approved, could be fully implemented by 2022.

Just in time for the full Islamic invasion? Is that some sort of Mayan calendar date that should concern us all?

Although many American leftists seem to have forgotten what happens when Muslims misbehave, London hasn’t.

ring of steel mapA City of London Corporation spokesperson said: “We want to maintain the City of London as one of the safest cities in the world for residents, workers, businesses, and visitors and work closely with the City of London Police to ensure this.

“Because of the high density of offices in the Eastern Cluster it is only right that we re-examine the security plans for this area of the Square Mile.”

If London wants to be safer, I suggest they take a look at their Mayor and their refugee resettlement process.


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